Getting started with Pine

Moving between folders

When you start Pine and press I (Index) at the Main Menu, you see a list of messages in your INBOX folder. If you want to see the messages in another folder, you need to go to that folder. The following text shows you two ways to go to another folder from nearly anywhere in Pine.

To access your folders and the messages that are stored in them:

  1. Press L (ListFldrs). You see the Folder List screen with collections of folders. Typically each collection is shown with a ``Select Here to See Expanded List'' button below each.

  2. If it is not already highlighted, use the arrow keys to highlight the ``Select Here to See Expanded List'' button below the desired collection (for example, Folder-collection of mail) and press <Enter>.

    You see an expanded list of folders in which your current folder is highlighted.

  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight another folder.

  4. To see an index of the messages in that folder, press V (ViewFldr) or press <Enter>.
This method of accessing folders uses the Folder List screen, which has a menu of commands that enable you to add, delete, rename folders, and so on.

To move most quickly to the index of another folder:

  1. From almost anywhere in Pine, press G (GotoFldr). You are prompted for the name of a folder.

    If you have more than one folder collection defined, observe the folder name prompt to make sure it is set for the desired collection. If it is not, type <Ctrl>N (Next Collection) or <Ctrl>P (Prev Collection) to select the desired collection.

  2. Type the folder name.

    Note that you can also press <Enter> to choose the default folder shown in brackets in the prompt.

  3. Press <Enter>. You see the list of messages in the folder.

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