Getting started with Pine

Using the address book

As you use email, you build a list of email correspondents. Some of their addresses may be difficult to type or remember. Pine provides an address book to make it easier to handle email addresses. At the Pine Main Menu, press A to see the Address Book screen. You can use the address book to store email addresses for individuals or groups, to create easily remembered ``nicknames'' for these addresses, and to quickly retrieve an email address when you are composing a message.

There are two ways to set up addresses in your address book. Either you can add them manually or take them from messages. With either method, you specify nicknames for your correspondents. A single address book entry (or nickname) can point to just one email address, or, it can point to more than one. When it points to more than one, it is called a distribution list. Each distribution list has a nickname, a full name, and a list of addresses. These addresses may be actual addresses, other nicknames in your address book, or other distribution lists.

A full list of the commands used to manage address books is given in ``Address book screen and commands''.

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