Pine screens and modes

Folder index screen and commands

The folder index screen shows you an index of all the messages in the folder.

|  PINE 3.96   FOLDER INDEX          Folder: RossAm  Msg 2 of 2      NEW  |
|                                                                         |
|+   1   Dec 19 Ross Armstrong      (4,053)  Scanning pencil drawings     |
|+ N 2   Dec 20 To: Ross Armstrong (1.163K)  Re: Scanning pencil drawings |
|                                                                         |
| ? Help       M Main Menu  P PrevMsg    - PrevPage  D Delete    R Reply  |
| O OTHER CMDS V [ViewMsg]  N NextMsg  Spc NextPage  U Undelete  F Forward|
The very top bar shows information about the folder: what the name of the folder is and how many messages it has. The example above shows a folder set up for correspondence with one specific person, to which received as well as sent messages are saved; you can set up your folders however they make it easier for you to organize your messages. By default, Pine puts messages you save from your INBOX into a folder called saved-messages, and saves a copy of messages you send into a folder called sent-mail.

Each message gets one line on the index screen. That line contains:

As with every Pine screen, the bottom two lines show you the commands available:
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