BNU maintenance

Manual maintenance

Some files may grow indirectly from uucp and other BNU activities. /usr/lib/cron/log should be checked and deleted if it has become too large. This file is a log of cron activities. While it grows with use, it is automatically truncated when the system goes to the multi-user state.

Cleaning up log files

uudemon.clean is a shell script that should be invoked daily by cron to clean up uucp's spool directory and to consolidate and dispose of the log files that currently exist for uucp. Currently, uudemon.clean uses two techniques to clean up the log files. The technique used depends on the type of file to be cleaned up:

Multi-day (multi) technique
Three days of logs are kept in files called Old-1, Old-2, and Old-3. Whenever uudemon.clean is run, Old-2 is renamed Old-3, Old-1 is renamed Old-2, and the current log is renamed Old-1 and stored in /var/spool/uucp/.Old/Old-1.

Single-day (single) technique
The current log is moved to /var/spool/uucp/.Old. This means that the log is preserved for one day only (assuming that uudemon.clean is run daily).
Although uudemon.clean does take care of removing old log entries, as an administrator, you should monitor the size of the log files. The exact procedure uudemon.clean uses to remove old log entries varies according to the type of log file. Here's a description of how the uucp log files will be cleaned up.

Summary of BNU Log Files in /var/spool/uucp/

File use File Name Cleanup technique
Command .Admin/command single
History .Log/[uucp|uucico|uux|uuxqt]/system multi
Foreign .Admin/Foreign single
Error .Admin/errors single
Transfer .Admin/xferstats single
Accounting .Admin/account multi
Security .Admin/security multi
Performance .Admin/perflog single

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