Administering ID mapping

Adding an entry to a uidata file

When user-controlled mapping is enabled, non-privileged users with logins on the local system can map their own logins on a remote system to their own local logins. A non-privileged user cannot add entries for other users.

To add an entry to a uidata file, enter:

uidadmin -S scheme -a [-l logname] -r g_name

where scheme is the name of the ID mapping scheme, g_name is a global name that includes the remote login, and logname is the local login. As a non-privileged user you are permitted to map a remote login only to your local login; if the -l option is omitted, your local login is assumed.

NOTE: If the administrator enters the uidadmin command to add an entry on behalf of a non-privileged user, the -l option is required.

In the following example, a user named Mike has logins on two systems. His login on a machine called wizard is michael; his login on a machine called zooey is mike. Mike wants to map his login on wizard to his login on zooey. The service he wants to access on zooey is associated with the cr1 authentication scheme.

To set up mapping from wizard to zooey, Mike would access zooey and enter the following command:

uidadmin -S cr1 -a -r michael@wizard

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