Administering name-to-address mapping

Administering name-to-address mapping

The name-to-address mapping feature allows an application to obtain the address of a service on a specified machine in a transport-independent manner.

Tasks associated with name-to-address mapping administration are performed using shell commands entered on the command line. Name-to-address mapping consists of routines for use by application programs. These routines (described on netdir(3N)) are used to obtain addresses of services on given hosts. All routines are combined into a library, one for each transport provider address management mechanism. The library to use for a specific transport provider is named in the /etc/netconfig file. A call to any of these routines by an application dynamically links the library named in the ``nametoaddr_libs'' field of the /etc/netconfig file.

The functions described on netdir(3N) take a pointer to a netconfig structure and returns a list of addresses of the service and host names over a given transport provider.

The following libraries provide the routines shown on netdir(3N):
contains the /etc/hosts name-to-address mapping routines for the TCP/IP protocol suite
contains the Domain Name Service (DNS) name-to-address mapping for the TCP/IP protocol suite
contains the name-to-address mapping routines for any protocol that accepts strings as addresses. The loopback driver is an example.

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