Administering port monitors

Replacing configuration scripts for individual port monitors

The port monitor-specific configuration script /etc/saf/pmtag/_config customizes the environment for services that are available through the specific collection of access points for which port monitor pmtag is responsible. When the SAC daemon starts a port monitor, the port monitor-specific configuration script is interpreted (if it exists) using the doconfig library routine.

To replace a monitor-specific configuration script, use the following command:

sacadm -g -p pmtag [-z script]

The -g option is used to print, install, or replace a port monitor-specific configuration script. The -g option requires the -p option. The -g option with only the -p option prints the port monitor-specific configuration script for port monitor pmtag. When run with the -p and -z options, the -g option installs the file script as the port monitor-specific configuration script for port monitor pmtag or, if /etc/saf/pmtag/_config exists, it replaces _config with the contents of script. Other combinations of options with -g are invalid.

The following example is of a port monitor-specific configuration script, _config. The /usr/bin/daemon command is assumed to start a daemon process that builds and holds together a STREAMS multiplexor. By installing this configuration script, the command can be executed just before starting the port monitor that requires it.

run /usr/bin/daemon
# build a STREAMS multiplexor.
runwait echo $PMTAG is starting > /dev/console

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