Administering the ttymon port monitor

The ttyadm command

The SAF requires each type of port monitor to provide an administrative command. This command must format information derived from command line options so that it is suitable for inclusion in the administrative files for that port monitor type. The command may also perform other port monitor-specific functions.

ttyadm is ttymon's administrative command. The ttyadm command formats information based on the options with which it is invoked and writes this information to the standard output.

The output of ttyadm is one of the arguments used by pmadm -a to format information in a way suitable for inclusion in a ttymon administrative file. ttyadm presents this information (as standard output) to pmadm, which places it in the file. This use of ttyadm is described in ``Adding a ttymon port monitor''. pmspecific information in a port monitor administrative file will be different for different port monitor types.

ttyadm is also included on the sacadm command line when a port monitor is added to the system. It supplies the ttymon version number for inclusion in a port monitor's administrative file.

NOTE: The port monitor administrative file is updated by the SAF's administrative commands, sacadm and pmadm. ttyadm merely provides a means of presenting formatted port monitor-specific (that is, ttymon-specific) data to these commands.

The sacadm command line uses ttyadm only with the -V option. ttyadm -V returns the version number of the ttymon command being used.

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