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VxFS System Administrator's Guide



The VERITAS® File System System Administrator's Guide is for system administrators who configure and maintain UNIX systems with the VERITAS File System (referred to as VxFS® or vxfs). This guide assumes that the reader has:


This guide provides information on the most important aspects of VERITAS File System administration.

Note: This guide is intended for use with both the VxFS and VxFS Advanced feature set. However, some of the material in this guide is not applicable if the VxFS Advanced feature set is not installed.


Using This Guide

For an overview of VxFS, its features and relevant concepts, read Chapter 1, "The VERITAS File System," Chapter 2, "Disk Layout," and Chapter 3, "Extent Attributes."

For information on optimizing system and application performance, read Chapter 5, "Performance and Tuning," and Chapter 6, "Application Interface."

Chapter 4, "Online Backup," and the remaining chapters describe the major features of VxFS and explains how to use them.

Appendix A, "Kernel Messages" contains explanations of kernel error messages that might be displayed.

The "Glossary" defines terms related VxFS.

See the online manual pages for detailed information about VxFS commands and utilities.

Note: This guide assumes that the VERITAS File System has been properly installed on the system. Since this guide is intended for use with both the VxFS and VxFS Advanced feature set, it is important to ensure that the correct set is properly installed on your system.


The following table describes the typographic conventions used in this guide.
Typeface UsageExamples
courierComputer output; user input; names of commands, files, and directories $ You have mail.

The cat command displays files.

$ ls -a

italicsNew terms; document titles; words to be emphasized; variables to be substituted with a real name or value


$ cat filename

Refer to the User's Guide for details.


boldGlossary terms 
Symbol Usage 
%C shell prompt 
$Bourne/Korn shell prompt 
#Superuser prompt (all shells) 

Getting Help

For license information or information about VERITAS service packages, contact VERITAS Customer Support.

US Customers: 1-800-342-0652

International Customers: +1 (650) 335-8555

Fax: (650) 335-8428

VERITAS Customer Support can also be reached through electronic mail at:

VxFS System Administrator's Guide
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