OKP Features

XENIX Binary Compatibility

The xemul package, installed as part of the osrcompat set, provides binary compatibility for XENIX programs running on older versions of OpenServer. In most cases, the kernel will detect a XENIX binary on execution and invoke the XENIX emulator automatically. The command

   xrun xenix_program
can be used to enter XENIX emulation mode from the command line, and is linked to /usr/bin/xemul.

By default, xemul emulates a native XENIX system. Some XENIX applications, however, may rely upon unique aspects of the XENIX emulator supported on OpenServer. For these applications, a special XENIX emulation mode that approximates the OpenServer XENIX emulation mode is provided. Setting the environment variable:

enables the OpenServer emulator behavior (e.g., making it forgiving of minor buffer overruns and occasional accidental reuse of freed memory).

The following system services are not supported by XENIX emulation:

See also: xemul(1).

Relationship of OKP to ACP

The Advanced Compatibility Package (ACP), is a base system UnixWare 7 package that provides a level of OpenServer compatibility below that provided by OKP. Essentially, while the ACP package will allow OpenServer applications to install and run on UnixWare 7, none of the major compatibility features provided by OKP (such as the complete Openserver application environment and migration tools) are provided by ACP. ACP is described in the base system documentation, under Compatibility.

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