Managing the print service

A print request is canceled by the print service

The print service sets a parameter for maximum print queue size (that is, how many print requests can be waiting to be printed). The maximum can be up to 999,999 for the System V spooler, but it can only be up to 999 for BSD.

This creates a problem when one print service serves more than one remote system type. If the maximum queue size is set higher than 999, users on BSD systems might find jobs canceled if the maximum queue number exceeds 999 because the system believes there to be a conflict or ambiguity with job identification numbers. For example, on BSD systems, the print service will equate job 1 and job 1001 and possibly cancel the wrong one.

On the other hand, if the maximum queue number is 999 or lower, users on System V systems might find that when the maximum is reached, attempts to queue a job will fail in spite of the fact that a System V system is capable of queuing many more jobs. The error message that is output indicates that temp space is exhausted, which might not be true.

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