Integrating software with UnixWare 7

Integrating software with UnixWare 7

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When you develop software for a particular platform, or develop new software for that platform, it is a great help to your users to provide some level of integration with their operating system.

While it is possible to distribute your software in such a way that the user has to use a command like cpio(1) or tar(1) to read it in, and then run some customized script to put the software in its proper place, this approach largely ignores the facilities provided with a particular system for software management. Similarly, on a system with a graphical front end, it is not advisable to distribute software that cannot be made available from that front end.

In UnixWare 7, a number of facilities provided for ease of use and administration. In the area of software management, a set of utilities is provided with the system for packaging, installing, removing, and distributing software. In the area of user interfaces, a graphical Desktop is distributed with UnixWare 7, which is the primary means by which end-users are expected to use the system. In addition, a number of features for security that allow users to perform specified administrative tasks without being root.

As you port software to, or write software for UnixWare 7, you are encouraged to take advantage of these features. Doing so will allow your software to be a better integrated part of the UnixWare 7 system, and thus be better received and better understood by your users who are familiar with UnixWare 7, and who expect software to work consistently with the rest of the system.

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