Application programming

Application programming

This topic introduces application programming in a UnixWare environment. It briefly describes what application programming is and then moves on to a discussion on UnixWare tools and where you can read about them, and to languages supported in the UnixWare environment and where you can read about them.

Programmers working on application programs develop software for the benefit of other, nonprogramming users. Most large commercial computer applications involve a team of applications development programmers. They may be employees of the end-user organization or they may work for a software development firm. Some of the people working in this environment may be more in the project management area than working programmers.

Application programming has some of the following characteristics:

UnixWare tools and languages

The term ``UnixWare tools'' means an existing piece of software used as a component in a new task. In a broader context, the term is used often to refer to elements of UnixWare that might also be called features, utilities, programs, filters, commands, languages, functions, and so on. It gets confusing because any of the things that might be called by one or more of these names can be, and often are, used simply as components of the solution to a programming problem. The aim of this section is to give you some sense of the situations in which you use these tools, and how the tools fit together. It refers you to other parts of this topic or to other documents for more details.

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