Tracking versions with SCCS

Additional get options

If get -r and/or -t are used together with -e, the version retrieved for editing is the one specified with -r and/or -t.

get -i and -x are used to specify a list of deltas to be included and excluded, respectively (see get(1) for the syntax of such a list). Including a delta means forcing its changes to be included in the retrieved version. This is useful in applying the same changes to more than one version of the SCCS file. Excluding a delta means forcing it not to be applied. This may be used to undo the effects of a previous delta in the version to be created.

Whenever deltas are included or excluded, get checks for possible interference with other deltas. Two deltas can interfere, for example, when each one changes the same line of the retrieved g-file. A warning shows the range of lines within the retrieved g-file where the problem may exist. The user should examine the g-file to determine what the problem is and take appropriate corrective steps (edit the file if necessary).

CAUTION: get -i and get -x should be used with extreme care.

get -k is used either to regenerate a g-file that may have been accidentally removed or ruined after get -e, or simply to generate a g-file in which the replacement of ID keywords has been suppressed. A g-file generated by get -k is identical to one produced by get -e, but no processing related to p.file takes place.

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