Tracking versions with SCCS

Creation of SCCS files

An SCCS file can be created by executing the command

   $ admin -ifirst
in which the value first with -i is the name of a file from which the text of the initial delta of the SCCS file is to be taken. Omission of a value with -i means admin is to read the standard input for the text of the initial delta.

The command

   $ admin -i < first
is equivalent to the previous example.

If the text of the initial delta does not contain ID keywords, the message

   No id keywords (cm7)
is issued by admin as a warning. However, if the command also sets the i flag (not to be confused with the -i keyletter), the message is treated as an error and the SCCS file is not created. Only one SCCS file may be created at a time using admin -i.

admin -r is used to specify a release number for the first delta. Thus:

   admin -ifirst -r3
means the first delta should be named 3.1 rather than the normal 1.1. Because -r has meaning only when creating the first delta, its use is permitted only with -i.
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