Tracking versions with SCCS

Retrieval of different versions

The version of an SCCS file that get retrieves by default is the most recently created delta of the highest numbered trunk release. However, any other version can be retrieved with get -r by specifying the version's SID. Thus,

   $ get -r1.3
retrieves version 1.3 of and produces (for example) on the standard output
   64 lines

A branch delta may be retrieved similarly,

   $ get -r1.5.2.3
which produces (for example) on the standard output
   234 lines
When a SID is specified and the particular version does not exist in the SCCS file, an error message results.

Omitting the level number, as in

   $ get -r3
causes retrieval of the trunk delta with the highest level number within the given release. Thus, the above command might output
   213 lines

If the given release does not exist, get retrieves the trunk delta with the highest level number within the highest-numbered existing release that is lower than the given release. For example, assume release 9 does not exist in file and release 7 is the highest-numbered release below 9. Executing

   $ get -r9
would produce
   420 lines
which indicates that trunk delta 7.6 is the latest version of file below release 9. Similarly, omitting the sequence number, as in
   $ get -r4.3.2
results in the retrieval of the branch delta with the highest sequence number on the given branch. This might result in the following output:
   89 lines

(If the given branch does not exist, an error message results.)

get -t will retrieve the latest (top) version of a particular release when no -r is used or when its value is simply a release number. The latest version is the delta produced most recently, independent of its location on the SCCS file tree. Thus, if the most recent delta in release 3 is 3.5,

   $ get -r3 -t
would produce
   59 lines

However, if branch delta were the latest delta (created after delta 3.5), the same command might produce
   46 lines

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