SCO Visual Tcl interpreter errors

Tcl widget creation errors

Error: Cause:
ARG_COPY argument copy failed
CONVERT_PROC conversion process failed to convert value
CREATE_ONLY can specify option only at creation time
DUPLICATE_NAME object named already exists
FIELD_TYPE unknown argument type
FILE_READ could not read the server local file
FONT_WIDTHS can not determine font widths for columns setting
HAS_CALLBACK already has callback; trying to set callback when one already specified
INVALID_ARGS wrong number of arguments; argument not recognized; or argument options not recognized
INVALID_SHADOWTYPE shadowType value is not one of valid set
INVALID_TYPES argument is not convertible to correct type
MISSING_ARG missing an expected argument
NEED_CALLBACK need to set the callback to call
NEED_OPTION no option was specified
NO_BUTTON named widget button does not exist
NO_CHILDREN widget has no children
NO_PIXMAP cannot find or create given pixmap
NO_SET cannot set this option
NO_SUCH_OPTION unrecognized option option
NO_VALUE_SET specified -noCallback without setting -value
NO_WIDGET no widget corresponding to widgetName given
NOT_GETTABLE the option is not gettable
NOT_SETTABLE the option is not settable
NOT_OPTION option is not valid for this widget
OBJECT_NAME need widget name
OPTION_SYNTAX syntax error in option argument optionArg
PACKING_ARG invalid packing argument
PARENT_NAME no matching parent name found
PARENT_TYPE parent is incorrect type
TOPIC_OR_TREE must specify either -topic or -tree
TOPITEMPOSITION_VALUE invalid value for topItemPosition (less than 0 or greater than the number of items in the list)

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