Command options by class

Label class options

Label class options apply to widgets created with the following SCO Visual Tcl commands:

VtLabel VtOptionMenu VtPulldown
VtPushButton VtToggleButton  

The following label class options are available:

-label string (CSG)
Specifies the string to be displayed in the widget.

-labelCenter boolean (CS)
Centers the label within the widget.

-labelLeft boolean (CS)
Left-aligns the label within the widget.

-labelRight boolean (CS)
Right-aligns the label within the widget.

-pixmap filename (CS)
Sets the pixmap to use in a Label or subclass of a Label. If you specify this without specifying insensitivePixmap or armedPixmap, those two pixmaps will be automatically generated for you.

-recomputeSize boolean (CS)
Sets whether the widget shrinks or expands to accommodate its content (label or pixmap) (Graphical only). The default is ``True''. If ``True'', the widget shrinks or expands to exactly fit the label string or pixmap. If ``False'', the widget never attempts to change size on its own.

If a label that is going to have several different length strings displayed in it, you may want to use the -recomputeSize FALSE command. This ensures that the label does not resize every time a different length string is displayed. If you allow the label to resize, the form will also resize around it unless you specified the -resizable FALSE option on your form. When you use -recomputeSize FALSE on your label, make sure that your label is the size you want it to be when it is created. You can do this with attachments to the form or other widgets, or you can specify the width of the label.

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