Introduction to using the system

Running programs and entering commands

You can run programs from the desktop by clicking the icon or menu option for the program. If the program that you want is not visible, click the icons or folders on the desktop to display the programs that they contain. If you do not see an appropriate folder, try the Personal Applications sub-panel, which you open by clicking the up arrow above the Text Editor icon on the front panel.

Some tools for managing your system are always provided. Other programs are installed separately on your system, and have their own documentation or online help, which you should read to learn how to use them.

You can run programs and perform other tasks from the command line in a terminal window. You can open a terminal window in various ways, depending on the desktop you are using. When you open a terminal window, you may need to press <Enter> to confirm the terminal type.

The terminal displays a prompt when it is ready to accept commands. When you have finished typing a command at the prompt, press <Enter>.

Your UnixWare documentation will normally tell you how to perform tasks using the desktop whenever possible.

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