Introduction to using the system

Using the CDE desktop

The CDE desktop is the default desktop when you log in to UnixWare. Other desktops are broadly similar, but you should read the relevant user information if you choose to use a different desktop when you log in.

The CDE desktop is similar to other industry-standard desktops. All applications and tools run in windows, which you can resize, move and minimize. When you start the desktop, you should review the desktop online help, which contains a full description of how to use it.

To read the desktop help, do the following:

  1. Click the arrow above the Help icon which appears on the front panel.

    A sub-panel is displayed.

  2. Click ``Desktop introduction''.
The front panel is a bar containing icons and buttons that initially appears across the lower part of the desktop, similar to this:

The Help icon looks similar to this:

When the help opens, press <F1> to see instructions for using the CDE help viewer.

You should read the section Introducing the desktop in the CDE help.

The section The Desktop at a glance in the CDE help identifies the various items on the desktop. You may also find it useful to keep the OnItem help menu option available. To use the OnItem help:

  1. Click the up-arrow above the Help icon to open the Help sub-panel.

  2. Click the OnItem help icon.

  3. Click the desktop item that you want to know about.

    Help for the desktop item is displayed.

NOTE: The CDE online help is completely separate from the UnixWare online help. It tells you how to use the items that belong specifically to the desktop, which are not part of the UnixWare operating system.

The main techniques for working on the desktop are:

See the CDE desktop online help for full information.

NOTE: The SCO sub-panel is marked by the SCO icon and appears immediately to the left of the Exit button on the front panel. This sub-panel contains the tools and applications that are provided specifically with the UnixWare operating system. These are documented in the UnixWare online documentation, not in the CDE online help.

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