Creating and using emergency recovery media

Keys to recovering your system

To ensure that you always have a set of emergency recovery media and data backups, we strongly recommend that you:

The emergency recovery boot media contains a small, bootable version of UnixWare® 7 from which you can boot your system.

The emergency recovery tapes contain an image of critical UnixWare 7 filesystems.

By first booting your system with the emergency boot media and then restoring it from the emergency tapes, you restore all the system software and filesystems. that existed when you created the boot media.

NOTE: If your system does not have a tape drive, you should still create emergency recovery boot media and then back up the entire system onto other media or across the network.

Performing regular system backups ensures that data added to your system after the creation of the emergency recovery media can also be restored. Data created after the most recent backup may be lost if your hard disk fails.

The system owner can back up the entire system on a regular basis. Individual users without owner privileges can perform backups of their own directories.

To ensure that you back up not only data but also any extended file attributes (such as privileges and ACLs), use cpio.

See the cpio manual page for more information.

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