dos: doscat, doscp, dosdir, dosmkdir, dosls, dosrm, dosrmdir -- access and manipulate DOS files

These dos utilities are no longer available in UnixWare 7. Similar functionality is available in the mtools package provided in the Skunkware archives and from the Linux Kernel Personality (LKP), if it is installed.

Note that DOS file systems can also be created and mounted using standard UNIX commands without using DOS utilities. A DOS format diskkette can be mounted using the standard mount(1M) command, for example, and the standard UNIX commands such as cp, mv, ls, mkdir, etc., used on the mounted diskette. Also see mkfs_dosfs(1M).

Accessing the mtools package

The mtools package is available either on the Skunkware CD-ROM included in the UnixWare 7 media kit or from the "File Managers" section of the Skunkware web/ftp site (

To install from the Skunkware 7 CD-ROM, insert the CD-ROM into the drive and issue the command (as a system owner):

        # pkgadd -d /dev/cdrom/<devicename> mtools
where <devicename> is the name of the CD-ROM device (this may vary from system to system).

Alternatively, an interactive graphical installation can be performed by running /usr/X/bin/PackageMgr :

  1. Select "CD-ROM_1" from the "Install from" Combo Box.

  2. Wait for the Packages to be scanned then select the mtools package and press the install button.

A gzip-compressed pkgadd-installable datastream of the mtools package can be downloaded via either: or

After downloading, uncompress the package with:

       # gunzip mtools.pkg.gz
and install with:
       # pkgadd -d /path/to/mtools.pkg
The mtools utilities are installed in /usr/local/bin and the corresponding manual pages in /usr/local/man. For this reason it is usually a good idea to add /usr/local/bin to the default execution PATH and /usr/local/man to MANPATH.

A good starting point for gaining familiarity with the mtools is the mtools manual page:

       $ more /usr/local/man/cat1/mtools.1
       $ man mtools

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