getext (vxfs) - get extent attributes for a VERITAS File System


getext [-f] [-s] file . . .


getext displays extent attribute information associated with a set of files.


Do not print the filename.

Do not print output for files that do not have fixed extent sizes or reservation.


file1:   Bsize  1024  Reserve  36  Extent Size  3  align noextend

The above line indicates a file with 36 blocks of reservation, a fixed extent size of 3 blocks, all extents aligned to 3 block boundaries, and the file unable to be grown once the current reservation is exhausted. In this case, the file system block size is 1024 bytes. Reservation and fixed extent sizes are allocated in units of the file system block size.


getext is available with the VxFS Advanced feature set only.

The align and noextend allocation flags (set through setext or the VX_SETEXT ioctl) are persistent attributes of the file and therefore visible via getext or the VX_GETEXT ioctl. trim is also visible, although it is cleared and the reservation is reduced on the final close of the file.


setext(1), vxfsio(7)

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