gettxt -- retrieve a text string


   #include <unistd.h>

char *gettxt (const char *msgid, const char *dflt_str);


gettxt retrieves a text string from a message file. The arguments to the function are a message identification msgid and a default string dflt_str to be used if the retrieval fails.

The text strings are in files created by the mkmsgs utility [see mkmsgs(1)] and installed in directories in /usr/lib/locale/locale/LC_MESSAGES.

The directory locale can be viewed as the language in which the text strings are written. This is specified by the LC_MESSAGES category of setlocale [see setlocale(3C)], which is C by default.

The user can change the language in which the messages are displayed by invoking the setlocale function with the appropriate arguments.

The user can also request that messages be displayed in a specific language by setting environment variables (but only if a call to setlocale(LC_MESSAGES,"") or setlocale(LC_ALL,"") is made from the calling program). The first of the following environment variables with a nonempty value is used: LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, and LANG.

If the locale is explicitly changed (via setlocale), the pointers returned by gettxt may no longer be valid.

The following depicts the acceptable syntax of msgid for a call to gettxt:


msgfilename indicates the message database that contains the localized version of the text string. msgfilename must be limited to 14 characters. These characters must be selected from a set of all characters values, excluding \0 (null) and the ASCII codes for ``/'' (slash) and ``:'' (colon).

msgnum must be a positive number that indicates the index of the string in the message database.

If msgfilename does not exist in the locale (specified by the last call to setlocale using the LC_ALL or LC_MESSAGES categories), or if the message number is out of bounds, gettxt attempts to retrieve the message from the C locale. If this second retrieval fails, gettxt uses dflt_str.

If msgfilename is omitted, gettxt attempts to retrieve the string from the default catalog specified by the last call to setcat(3C).

gettxt outputs:

Message not found!!



The following files are created by mkmsgs:

default message files

message files for language specified by locale


In the following code fragment, test is the name of the file that contains the messages and 10 is the message number.
   gettxt("test:10", "hello world\n");
   gettxt("test:10", "");
   gettxt(":10", "hello world\n");


gettxt overwrites the string buffer each time it is called. Applications should copy the data to preserve it.


environ(5), exstr(1), gettxt(1), mkmsgs(1), pfmt(3C), setcat(3C), setlocale(3C), srchtxt(1)
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