OFGenerateHandleId -- generate indentifier for BMIP request


CC ... -lsysadm -lvtcl -ltclx -ltcl -lsocket -lgen -lm

#include <scoadmin/osaStdDef.h>

int OFGenerateHandleId(errStatusPtr, oldHandleId, bmipRequestPtr)


Each BMIP request represents a different change that is being put to the system. When the Server API receives a BMIP request, it translates much of it into various data structures for the Server API's routines to use. Each handleId is a one-to-one mapping to a collection of these data structures that represent a BMIP request. When the request processor is first invoked, it is given the handleId of the data structure that represents the BMIP request that was also passed to the request processor.

If a request processor needs to use a different BMIP request (such as scoping of another class, etc) then it should generate a new handleId to match the new BMIP request. This is done with the OFGenerateHandleId routine.

The routine is passed the old handleId and the new BMIP request, and it will return a new handleId that maps to the new data structures that the Server API has generated for the new BMIP request. These data structures and the original data structure will be deleted by the Server API when the request processor exits, and for all intents and purposes are invisible to the OSA writer.


errStatus_cl *errStatusPtr
A pointer to the error stack data structure. If an error occurs in retrieving the data, the appropriate error will be placed in the error stack. This data can be referenced using the library functions associated with the error stack.

int oldHandleId
This is the handle with which the Server API stores extra information about the current BMIP request. This is passed to the request processor as an argument.

bmipRequest_pt bmipRequestPtr
This is a pointer to the BMIP request structure forwarded as an argument to the request processor.


The handleId named does not correspond to an existing class in the Server API's internal lookup table.

The class argument to the BMIP request did not match any of the class names that are local to this OSA.


ObjectRequestProcessor(errStatus_cl       *errStatusPtr,
                       int                 handleId,
                       bmipRequest_pt      bmipRequestPtr,
                       void               *osaDataPtr)

/* scoped request code */

int widgetHandleId; objectClass_pt tmpObjectClassPtr; scopeParameter_pt tmpScopePtr; extern ofRequestProcessor_fpt widgetRequestProcessor; . . .

tmpObjectClassPtr = bmipRequestPtr->scopePtr; tmpScopePtr = bmipRequestPtr->obejctClassPtr; bmipRequestPtr->scopePtr = NULL; bmipRequestPtr->obejctClassPtr = "sco widget"; widgetHandleId = OFGenerateHandleId(errStatusPtr, handleId, bmipRequestPtr);

if (ErrorIsOk(errStatusPtr) == FALSE) return; /* now call other Request Processor local to this OSA */

widgetRequestProcessor(errStatusPtr, widgetHandleId, bmipRequestPtr, osaDataSpace);

bmipRequestPtr->scopePtr = tmpObjectClassPtr; bmipRequestPtr->obejctClassPtr = tmpScopePtr;

25 April 2004
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