WClassParameters: FWSetAccessControl, FWUnSetAccessControl, FWSetSync, FWUnSetSync, FWSetScope, FWUnSetScope, FWSetFilter, FWUnSetFilter -- set SCOadmin object class-specific parameters


CC ... -lsysadm -lvtcl -ltclx -ltcl -lsocket -lgen -lm

#include <scoadmin/basicIncl.h> #include <scoadmin/callBack.h> #include <scoadmin/statusLst.h> #include <scoadmin/CAPI.h>

void FWSetAccessControl(bmipSubmission_cl *bmipSubmissionPtr, accessControl_pt accessControl); void FWUnSetAccessControl(bmipSubmission_cl *bmipSubmissionPtr);

void FWSetSync(bmipSubmission_cl *bmipSubmissionPtr, syncParameter_pt sync);

void FWUnSetSync(bmipSubmission_cl *bmipSubmissionPtr);

void FWSetScope(bmipSubmission_cl *bmipSubmissionPtr, scopeParameter_pt scope);

void FWUnSetScope(bmipSubmission_cl *bmipSubmissionPtr);

void FWSetFilter(bmipSubmission_cl *bmipSubmissionPtr, filterParameter_pt filter);

void FWUnSetFilter(bmipSubmission_cl *bmipSubmissionPtr);


These routines allow the caller to specify the four request parameters access control, sync, scope and filter for future requests applied with the functions described in FWClassOperations(3sadm). The information stored within these parameters is passed on to request processor associated with the object class refered to in a previous call to FWInitObjectSubmission(3sadm).

Before calling any of these functions, applications must first call FWInitObjectSubmission 3sadm and obtain a bmipSubmissionPtr for the appropriate object class.

Parameters can be cleared by calling the FWUnSet co-functions.


object class specific data pointer obtained from a prior call to FWInitObjectSubmission(3sadm).

This parameter provides a means for the specification of implementation-specific access control information (such as cryptographic keys) which should be sent on to an OSA request processor via subsequent calls to the functions defined in FWClassOperations(3sadm).

This parameter provides a means for the specification of implementation-specific synchronization information which should be sent on to an OSA request processor via subsequent calls to the functions defined in FWClassOperations(3sadm).

This parameter should be set to "1" for first level scoping. This allows the SCOadmin management application to obtain information about object classes contained beneath an object class specified in a call to FWInitObjectSubmission(3sadm). For example, a scoping parameter for the "sco devices" object class, causes subsequent calls to FWObjectGet to obtain requested information for all devices on the system. If multi-level scoping is supported by an object class, values other than "1" may be supported. This is not likely, however, as there is no built-in support for multi-level scoping in the SCOadmin framework.

This parameter should contain the filter data which shall be applied to future requests sent using the FWClassOperations 3sadm functions. The filter can consist of an algebraic expression composed of one, or more, of the following:
expression	:= { expression or expression }
		:= { expression and expression }
		:= { not expression }
		:= { present expression }
		:= { attribute filterOperation value }

filterOperation := eq /* equal to */ := le /* less than or equal to */ := ge /* greater than or equal to */ := subset := superset := intersect

The filter operations used in a filter expression must be valid for the attribute on which they are used. This is determined individually on a per class basis.


/* Obtain information about all CD-ROM devices on the system */

#include <scoadmin/basicIncl.h> #include <scoadmin/callBack.h> #include <scoadmin/statusLst.h> #include <scoadmin/CAPI.h>

main() { frameWorkCClientData_cl *clientDataPtr; bmipSubmission_cl *bmipSubmissionPtr1, *bmipSubmissionPtr2;

scopeParameter_pt scope ="1"; filterParameter_pt filter="type eq cdrom";

/* Initialize general SCOadmin data structure */ clientDataPtr=FWInitializeFrameWork();

/* Initialize class-specific SCOadmin data structures */

/* Initialize communications to the "sco devices" class. */ bmipSubmissionPtr1=FWInitObjectSubmission(clientDataPtr, "sco devices");

/* Identify this as a scoped request */ FWSetScope(bmipSubmissionPtr, scope);

/* Filter against the "type" attribute. Search only for type "cdrom". */ FWSetFilter(bmipSubmissionPtr, filter);

/* Actual object calls go here ... */ ...

/* Unset filter paramters */ FWUnSetScope(bmipSubmissionPtr); FWUnSetFilter(bmipSubmissionPtr);

/* Cleanup */ FWShutdownObjectSubmission(bmipSubmissionPtr1); FWShutdownObjectSubmission(bmipSubmissionPtr2); FWShutdownFrameWork(clientDataPtr); }


FWInitObjectSubmission(3sadm), FWClassOperations(3sadm).
25 April 2004
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