setinfo -- set characteristics file


setinfo is an ASCII file that describes the characteristics of the set along with information that helps control the flow of installation. It is created by the software set developer and is included in the Set Installation Package (SIP). A SIP is a special purpose package that controls the installation and removal of a set of packages.

Each entry in the setinfo file is a line that consists of predefined fields. Each entry corresponds to a package belonging to the set and must contain the following <tab>-separated fields:

1. Package Abbr
This field contains the abbreviated name of the package. The abbreviation must be a short string (no more than nine characters long) and must conform to the file naming rules. All characters in the abbreviation must be alphanumeric and the first character cannot be numeric. install, new, and all are reserved.

This abbreviated name must be the same as the one used in pkginfo(4).

2. Parts
This field specifies the number of parts this package consists of.

3. Default
This field contains the character 'y' indicating that the package is to be installed as a default. Conversely, an 'n' indicates that the package will not be installed.

4. Category
The category under which the package belongs. Release 4 defines four categories: ``application,'' ``graphics,'' ``system'' and ``utilities.'' All packages must be assigned to one of these categories. If you choose, you can also assign a package to a category you defined. Categories are case-insensitive and may contain only alphanumerics. Each category is limited to 16 characters.

5. Package Full-Name
Text that specifies the package name (maximum length of 256 ASCII characters). This field must be the same as NAME in pkginfo(4).


setinfo file for set admin:
   #ident  "@(#)set:cmn/set/admin/setinfo	1.2"
   #ident  "$Header: $"

# Format for the setinfo file. Field separator is: <tab> # pkg parts default category pkg full-name # abbr y/n

oam 4 y application OA&M bkrs 1 y system Extended Backup and Restore face 1 y application FACE




The order of the packages listed in the setinfo file must reflect any package dependencies (if any) and must represent the order in which the packages will occur on the media (in the case of datastream). Any package for which there exists a dependency must be listed prior to the package(s) that depends on it.
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