Config -- BNU global parameters file




The /etc/uucp/Config file contains global runtime parameters for the Basic Networking Utilities (BNU).

parameter is one of the BNU configurable parameters and value is the global value to be assigned to that parameter.

No white space is allowed within an individual parameter declaration. Comment lines begin with a hash sign (#) and occupy the entire line up to a newline character. Blank lines are ignored.

The following parameters can be specified in the Config file:

Determines whether authentication is required for remote requests to execute commands on your machine.

The declaration AUTH=yes or AUTH=req specifies that remote command requests will not be accepted without authentication. When authenticated requests are executed, they are executed under the mapped ID of the originator and all commands are allowed; that is, the value of the COMMANDS parameter in the Permissions file is ignored.

The declaration AUTH=opt or AUTH=no specifies that authentication is not required for remote command execution.

Note that, if authentication is attempted but fails, the request is rejected, regardless of the value of AUTH. If the AUTH parameter is not included in the Config file, AUTH defaults to optional (AUTH=opt or AUTH=no).

Sets the number of bits processed on the line by cu(1bnu) during data transmission. Valid values are 7 and 8. By default, CHARSIZE is set to the local terminal setting.

Specifies the encryption type to use when authenticating remote execution requests generated by the uux command. The default value is des. The value enigma may be used if the export-controlled Encryption Utilities Package is not available.

Specifies the key management facility that obtains keys used in the authentication of remote command execution requests.

At present, cr1(1Mbnu) is the only key management facility available to BNU. There is no default key management facility. To specify the cr1 key management facility, the declaration KEYS=cr1 must be created in the Config file.

Sets the parity used by cu(1bnu) during data transmission. Valid values are even, odd or none. By default, PARITY is set to the local terminal setting.

Specifies the communications protocol to be used by BNU, using a declaration of the form:


Valid protocol values are:

Generic packet protocol. This protocol provides error detection and retransmission over potentially noisy lines. By its nature, it is relatively slow.

Two parameters are provided for the g protocol: windows and packetsize. windows indicates the number of packets that may be transmitted without waiting for an acknowledgement from the remote host. packetsize indicates the number of data bytes in each packet. By default, windows is set to 7 packets and packetsize is set to 64 bytes.

Identical to the g protocol in that it provides the same error detection and retransmission; however, the G protocol allows the number of windows and the packet size to be varied to match the characteristics of the transmission medium.

When properly configured, performance can be significantly better using the G protocol rather than the g protocol. With the G protocol, windows may range from 1 to 7, and packetsize may range from 32 to 4096 bytes, in powers of two (that is, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096).

Assumes error-free transmission and performs no error checking or retransmission. The e protocol is the fastest of the three protocols. Use it for reliable local area networks only.

There are no parameters to be tuned within the e protocol.

Makes the same assumptions as the e protocol (that is, that the underlying network provides an error-free communications channel that transfers the data in sequence without duplication), but uses Datakit-specific ioctls.

There are no parameters to be tuned within the d protocol.

By default, Protocol is set to ``g(7,64)G(7,64)ed''. To change the protocol ordering to, for example, ``Gged'' and change the G protocol defaults to 7 windows and 512-byte packets, include the following entry in the Config file:





To override the global parameter values specified in the Config file, perform the following:


cr1(1Mbnu), cu(1bnu), Devconfig(4bnu), Devices(4bnu), Dialcodes(4bnu), Dialers(4bnu), Grades(4bnu), Limits(4bnu), Permissions(4bnu), Poll(4bnu), Sysfiles(4bnu), Systems(4bnu)
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