sane-microtek2 -- SANE backend for Microtek scanners with SCSI-2 command set


sane-microtek2 implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) backend that provides access to some Microtek scanners with a SCSI-2 command set.

A different backend exists for Microtek scanners with SCSI-1 command set. Refer to sane-microtek(5).

The following scanners are known to work with sane-microtek2:

If you own a Microtek scanner with a SCSI-2 interface other than the ones listed above, it may or may not work with SANE.

sane-microtek2 dynamically enables the options that are supported by the scanner depending on the scanning-mode and other options. Unsupported options are disabled. The following options are supported:

sane-microtek2 expects device names of the form:


where special is the path-name for the special device that corresponds to the scanner. The special device name must be a generic SCSI device or a symbolic link to such a device.

The configuration file for sane-microtek2 resides in /usr/local/etc/sane.d/microtek2.conf. It is a list of device names that correspond to Microtek scanners with SCSI-2 interface. Empty lines and lines starting with a hash (``#'') are ignored.

The configuration file may also contain options. Currently two options are supported:

option dump n
option strip-height n

If option dump n is enabled, additional information about the SCSI commands that are sent to the scanner are printed to stderr. This option is useful for debugging.

If n=1 the contents of the command blocks and the results for the INQUIRY and READ SCANNER ATTRIBUTES command are printed to stderr.

If n=2 the contents of the command blocks for all other SCSI commands are also printed to stderr. If n=3 the contents of the gamma table is also printed. If n=4 all scan data is additionally printed to stderr. The default is n=1.

The option strip-height n, where n is a floating point number, limits the amount of data that is read from the scanner with one read command. The units are in inches and n defaults to 1.0, if this option is not set in the configuration file. If less than n inch of data fit into the SCSI buffer, then the smaller value is used and this option has no effect.

If your system has a big SCSI buffer and you want to make use of the whole buffer, increase the value of n. For example, if n is set to 14.0, no restrictions apply for scanners with a letter, legal or A4 sized scan area.

The options apply to all devices in the configuration file and cannot be set on a per device basis. A sample configuration file is shown below:

   # this is a comment

If the library was compiled with debug support enabled, the SANE_DEBUG_MICROTEK2 environment variable controls the debug level for this backend. For example, a value of 128 requests all debug output to be printed. Smaller levels reduce verbosity. To see error messages on stderr set SANE_DEBUG_MICROTEK2 to 1.


The backend configuration file.

The static library implementing this backend.

The shared library implementing this backend (present on systems that support dynamic loading).


Author is Bernd Schroeder.


sane-abaton(5), sane-agfafocus(5), sane-apple(5), saned(1), sane-dc25(5), sane-dll(5), sane-dmc(5), sane-epson(5), sane-hp(5), sane-microtek(5) sane-mustek(5) sane-net(5), sane-pint(5), sane-pnm(5), sane-umax(5), scanimage(1), xsane(1), xscanimage(1)
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