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The file defines X server extensions to be dynamically loaded into the X server. The format of the file, including an example, is:
#Ext            File Name               Load    Entry 		Adapter
#Name                                   Time    Point 		Driver
DEC-XTRAP       /w/X11/server/xtrap.o   INIT    DEC_XTRAPInit    *
The fields are:

``Ext Name''
a unique name for the extension. Must match the extension name specified in the AddExtension(D3nfb) call in the Init routine.

``File Name''
name of the object file that contains the code for the extension. This can be an absolute path name or is interpreted relative to /usr/lib/X11.

``Load Time''
must be INIT. This field will be used for future capabilities.

``Entry Point''
specify the Init routine where the extension is coded. This must be the routine that calls AddExtension and initializes the request vector.

``Adapter Driver''
specifies the specific graphics driver for which this extension is developed. In the case of the XTRAP extension, there are no driver dependencies, so the asterisk (*) is used to denote a generic extension. For extensions required by a specific driver, this field contains the driver prefix (such as s3c). In that case, the extension is loaded into the server only if the specified display driver is being used.



Version applicability

This structure is supported for NFB drivers on all releases of SCO OpenServer 5 and SVR5. This capability is not supported on AIX 5L.


19 June 2005
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