Manual section 1M

accept, reject - accept print requests
acct: acctdisk, acctdusg, accton, acctwtmp, closewtmp, utmp2wtmp - overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commands
acctcms - command summary from per-process accounting records
acctcon, acctcon1, acctcon2 - connect-time accounting
acctmerg - merge or add total accounting files
acctprc, acctprc1, acctprc2 - process accounting
acctsh: chargefee, ckpacct, dodisk, lastlogin, monacct, nulladm, prctmp, prdaily, prtacct, runacct, shutacct, startup, turnacct - shell procedures for accounting
adduser - create a login for a new user
adminrole - display, add, change, delete roles in the TFM database
adminuser - display, add, change, delete administrators in the TFM database
ap - dump and load user account profiles
ati - auto-recognizes baud rates and modem model
auditcnv - create default audit mask file
auditfltr - convert audit log file for inter-machine portability
auditlog - display or set audit log file attributes
auditmap - create and write audit map files
auditoff - disable auditing
auditon - enable auditing
auditrpt - display recorded information from audit trail
auditset - select or display audit criteria
autopush - configure lists of automatically pushed STREAMS modules
bcheckrc - system initialization procedures
bfsdiskusg - generate disk accounting data by user ID for bfs filesystems
bock - run a command with buffer overflow attack checks
boot - UnixWare system boot program
brand - manage product licenses
brc, bcheckrc - system initialization procedures
captoinfo - convert a termcap description into a terminfo description
cddevsuppl - set or get major and minor numbers of a CD-ROM device file
cddrec - read CD-ROM Directory Record
cdmntsuppl - set and get administrative CD-ROM features
cdptrec - read CD-ROM Path Table Record
cdsuf - read the System Use Fields from a System Use Area on CD-ROM
cdvd - read the CD-ROM Primary Volume Descriptor
cdxar - read CD-ROM Extended Attribute Record (XAR)
chroot - change root directory for a command
chrtbl - generate character classification and conversion tables
chsysinfo - change system name and version
ckroot_vxfs - ckroot_vxfs
classconf - register SCOadmin object classes
colltbl - create collation database
crash - examine system images
createbin - createbin
creatiadb - create /etc/security/ia/index and /etc/security/ia/master files
cron - clock daemon
custom - install specific portions of SCO UNIX packages
cut.flop - cut the Install Diskette
cutmedia - floppy diskette and tape creation for software publishers
dcopy - copy filesystems for optimal access time (generic)
dcopy_s5 - copy s5 file systems for optimal access time
dcu - Device Configuration Utility
dd - convert and copy a file
ddbconv - convert device table to Device Database format
defadm - display/modify default values
deluser - remove a login from the system
devattr - lists device attributes
devfree - release devices from exclusive use
devnm - device name
devreserv - reserve devices for exclusive use
df - report number of free disk blocks and files (generic)
df, dfspace - report number of free disk blocks and files/free disk space (generic)
df_s5 - report number of free disk blocks and i-nodes for s5 file systems
df_sfs - report free disk space on sfs file systems
df_ufs - report free disk space on ufs file systems
df_vxfs - df_vxfs
dfmounts - display mounted resource information
dfshares - list available resources from remote or local systems
dfspace - report free disk space in MBs and percent of total (generic)
dinit - run commands performed for multi-user environment after login processes
disable - disable LP printers
diskadd, diskrm - disk set up utility
diskcfg - update system files for SDI drivers
diskrm - remove system disks
disksetup - disk set up utility
diskusg, bfsdiskusg, sfsdiskusg, ufsdiskusg, vxdiskusg - generate disk accounting data by user ID
dispadmin - process scheduler administration
displaypkg - display all packages installed with installpkg
dlpid - DLPI daemon
dmi - DMI start/stop/restart script
dslpaccept, dslpreject - accept/reject print queue requests
dslpaccess - allow/deny non-directory enabled users and systems access to print queue
dslpadmin - configure directory-enabled print service
dslpdisable - disable print queue requests
dslpenable, dslpdisable - enable/disable print queue requests
dslpprinter - assign alias to print queue Distinguished Name
dslpprotocol - configure remote print protocol of print queue
dslpreject - reject print queue requests
du - summarize disk usage
dumpmemory - dump memory while in system state 3
edquota - edit user quotas for file systems (generic)
edquota_ufs - edit user quotas for ufs file system
edquota_vxfs - edquota_vxfs
edvtoc - VTOC (Volume Table of Contents) editing utility
ekdb - enhanced kernel debugger
emergency_disk - create emergency recovery boot media
emergency_rec - create emergency recovery tape(s)
enable, disable - enable/disable LP printers
encrypt_config - encrypt_config
evgainit - Extended VGA keyboard/display driver initialization
extstr - extstr
fdetach - detach a name from a STREAMS-based file descriptor
fdisk - create or modify hard disk partition table
ff - list filenames and statistics for a filesystem (generic)
ff_s5 - display i-list information
ff_ufs - list file names and statistics for a ufs filesystem
ff_vxfs - ff_vxfs
filepriv - set, delete, or display privilege information associated with a file
fixperm - correct or initialize file permissions and ownership
fixshlib - alter executables to call SCO UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2-compatible libnsl
format - format floppy disk tracks
fsadm_vxfs - fsadm_vxfs
fsba - filesystem block analyzer for s5 filesystem type
fscat_vxfs - fscat_vxfs
fsck - check and repair filesystems (generic)
fsck_bfs - check and repair bfs filesystems
fsck_dosfs - check and repair dosfs filesystems
fsck_s5 - check and repair s5 filesystems
fsck_sfs - filesystem consistency check and interactive repair
fsck_ufs - filesystem consistency check and interactive repair
fsck_vxfs - fsck_vxfs
fsdb - filesystem debugger (generic)
fsdb_s5 - s5 filesystem debugger
fsdb_sfs - sfs filesystem debugger
fsdb_ufs - ufs filesystem debugger
fsdb_vxfs - fsdb_vxfs
fsfpreset - request font server to reread its catalogue
fstyp - determine filesystem type (generic)
fud - file update daemon for LKP
fud_log - LKP file update daemon log program
fuser - identify processes using a file or file structure
fwtmp - manipulate connect accounting records
getdev - list devices defined in the Device Database based on criteria
getdgrp - lists device groups that contain devices that match criteria
getfilename - ask the user to name a file in a given format
getty - set terminal type, modes, speed, and line discipline
getvol - verifies device accessibility
groupadd - add (create) a new group definition on the system
groupdel - delete a group definition from the system
groupls - list attributes of a group
groupmod - modify a group definition on the system
h2n - translate host table to DNS server file format
haltsys, reboot - close filesystems and shut down the system
hoststat, purgestat - list the status of the last mail transaction with all remote hosts
hpnpcfg - configure HP Network Printers
hpnpf - network peripheral filter
hpnptyd - HP network peripheral pty daemon
id - print the user name and ID, and group name and ID
idbuild - build new UNIX system base kernel or configure loadable modules
idcheck - return selected information about the system configuration
idconfupdate - update system configuration files
idinstall - add, delete, update, or get kernel configuration data
idinterface - get interface symbol list
idmkinit - construct inittab file from configuration data
idmknod - update device nodes to reflect kernel configuration
idmknodd - daemon to update device nodes to reflect kernel configuration
idmodload - load configured loadable kernel modules
idoptimize - optimize a kernel based on workload
idresadd - update Resource Manager database
idspace - determine if there is enough filesystem free space
idtune - set or get the value of a tunable parameter
idtype - set or get kernel build type
ifor_pmd - license policy manager daemons
ifor_sld - shrink-wrapped license daemon
imapd - Internet Message Access Protocol server
import - prepare /openserver for use
infocmp - compare or print out terminfo descriptions
init, telinit - process control initialization
initprivs - set the system privilege information
install - install commands
installf - add a file to the software installation database
installpkg - install a software package.
installsrv - configure an Install Server
Intro - introduction to restricted commands and application programs
ipopd - Post Office Protocol server
isdndialer - dialer for ISDN devices
isdnmon - port monitor for ISDN devices
kbdcomp - compile code set and keyboard map tables
kbdload - load or link kbd tables
kcrash - kcrash
kdb - kernel debugger
killall - kill all active processes
labelit - provide labels for filesystems (generic)
labelit_s5 - provide labels for s5 filesystems
labelit_sfs - provide labels for sfs filesystems
labelit_ufs - provide labels for ufs filesystems
labelit_vxfs - labelit_vxfs
ldsysdump - load system dump from floppy diskettes or cartridge tape
lidload - load distributed filesystem security database
link, unlink - link and unlink files and directories
listdgrp - list members of a device group
listen - network listener port monitor
llistat - display network adapter driver statistics
lmail - handle local mail delivery from sendmail
loadfont - set character font on the 386 console using system locale
logins - list user and system login information, lp.set, lp.tell - default printer filter used by interface programs
lp.set - default printer filter used by interface programs
lp.tell - default printer filter used by interface programs
lpadmin - configure the LP print service
lpfilter - administer filters used with the LP print service
lpforms - administer forms used with the LP print service
lpmove - move print requests
lpsched, lpshut - start/stop the print service
lpshut - stop the print service
lpsystem - register remote systems with the print service
lpusers - set printing queue priorities
lxcore - convert UNIX core file to Linux core file
mailaddr - mail addressing description
mailadmin - configure mail systems
mailstats - print statistics collected by sendmail
make-owner - add, remove, or change ID of a system owner
makemap - create database maps for sendmail
makewhatis - add entries to the keyword database
mapchan - Configure tty device mapping
mapkey, mapscrn, mapstr - configure monitor screen mapping
marry - bind block device to a regular file
mccntl - medium changer control
mconnect - connect to SMTP mail server socket
mdmcfg - configure modem feature attributes, and install and remove configuration files
mdmcfgcheck - checks modem configuration file
memsize - report memory size
migrate - copy an OpenServer system image to /openserver
mimeto7bit - encode MIME message into 7-bit message
mkds - make datastream image for Install Diskette installation
mkfifo - make FIFO special file
mkfs - construct a filesystem (generic)
mkfs_bfs - construct a boot filesystem
mkfs_dosfs - construct a dosfs filesystem
mkfs_s5 - construct an s5 file system
mkfs_sfs - construct an sfs file system
mkfs_ufs - construct a ufs file system
mkfs_vxfs - mkfs_vxfs
mknod - make a special file
modadmin - loadable kernel module administration
montbl - create monetary database
mount - mount memfs filesystems
mount, umount - mount or unmount filesystems and remote resources (generic)
mount_bfs - mount bfs filesystems
mount_cdfs - mount cdfs filesystem
mount_dosfs - mount dosfs file systems
mount_memfs - mount memfs filesystems
mount_profs - mount the processor filesystem
mount_s5 - mount an s5 filesystem
mount_sfs - mount sfs filesystems
mount_ufs - mount ufs filesystems
mount_vxfs - mount_vxfs
mountall, umountall - mount, unmount multiple filesystems
multihome - administer users within virtual domains
mvdir - move a directory
ncheck - generate a list of pathnames vs i-numbers (generic)
ncheck_s5 - generate pathnames versus i-numbers for s5 filesystems
ncheck_sfs - generate pathnames versus i-numbers for sfs filesystems
ncheck_ufs - generate pathnames versus i-numbers for ufs filesystems
ncheck_vxfs - ncheck_vxfs
nd - control operation of a network adapter driver
ndcfg - network driver configuration command interpreter
nddmdid - NDD-MDI daemon
ndstat - display network adapter driver statistics
netcfg - Network adapter configuration utility
netconfig - obsolete name for netcfg(1M)
newaliases - rebuild the database for the mail aliases file
newgrp - log in to a new group
nlsadmin - network listener service administration
ob - OSA builder: create an object service agent (OSA)
okpfud - file update daemon for OKP
osaconf - register SCOadmin object service agents (OSA)s
osragent - (OpenServer) create OpenServer system image
panel - user interface to the AST Manhatten front panel and special features
partsize - return the size of the active UNIX System partition
patchck - check patch status, download and install patches and packages
pbind - bind to a processor
pcfont - modify character font on the 386 console
pciconsvr.ip - manage connection between personal computer and host
pcidebug - control log output of executing PC-Interface server
pcidossvr.232 - maintain exclusive dialog with bridge driver (BRIDGE.DRV) on personal computer
pcidossvr.ip - maintain exclusive dialog with bridge driver (BRIDGE.DRV) on personal computer
pcimapsvr.ip - listen for broadcasts from connection server daemons
pcistart - start PC-Interface server daemons on the host
pcistop - stop PC-Interface server on the host
pdi_timeout - obsolete name for sdi_timeout(1M)
pdiadd - obsolete name for sdiadd(1M)
pdiconfig - obsolete name for sdiconfig(1M)
pdimkdev - obsolete name for sdimkdev(1M)
pdimkdtab - obsolete name for sdimkdtab(1M)
pdirm - obsolete name for sdirm(1M)
pexbind - exclusive processor bind operation
pkgadd - transfer software package or set to the system
pkgask - store answers to a request script
pkgcat - copy software from a server to standard output
pkgchk - check accuracy of installation
pkgcopy - copy software from a server to a target host
pkginstall - install software from a server onto a target host
pkglist - list available software packages on a remote host
pkgrm - remove a package or set from the system
pmadm - port monitor administration
pppattach - open a manual outgoing Point-to-Point Protocol bundle
pppd - Point-to-Point Protocol daemon
pppdetach - close a Point-to-Point Protocol bundle
ppplinkadd - add a link to a Point-to-Point Protocol bundle
ppplinkdrop - drop a link from a Point-to-Point Protocol bundle
pppsh - login shell for the Point-to-Point Protocol
pppstatus - display status of a Point-to-Point Protocol bundle
ppptalk - administrative interface to the PPP subsystem
praliases - print aliases database
prep.flop - build kernel and commands for the Install Diskette
profiler: prfld, prfstat, prfdc, prfsnap, prfpr - UNIX system profiler
prtconf - print system configuration
prtvtoc - disk information display utility
psradm - processor administration
psrinfo - processor administration information
purgestat - flush all information stored in sendmail HostStatusDirectory tree
pushfilter - load or unload a packet filter
putdev - create and update the device database
putdgrp - edit device group table
pwck, grpck - password/group file checkers
pwconv - install and update /etc/shadow with information from /etc/passwd
quot - summarize filesystem ownership (generic)
quot_ufs - summarize ufs filesystem ownership
quot_vxfs - quot_vxfs
quota - display a user's disk quota and usage on a filesystem (generic)
quota_ufs - display a user's disk quota and usage on ufs filesystem
quota_vxfs - quota_vxfs
quotacheck - filesystem quota consistency checker (generic)
quotacheck_ufs - ufs filesystem quota consistency checker
quotaoff - turn filesystem quotas off (generic)
quotaoff_ufs - turn ufs filesystem quotas off
quotaoff_vxfs - quotaon_vxfs
quotaon - turn filesystem quotas on (generic)
quotaon, quotaoff - turn filesystem quotas on and off (generic)
quotaon_ufs - turn ufs filesystem quotas on
quotaon_ufs, quotaoff_ufs - turn ufs filesystem quotas on and off
quotaon_vxfs - quotaon_vxfs
rc0, rc6 - run commands performed to stop the operating system
rc1 - run commands to bring system to administrative state
rc2 - run commands performed for multi-user environment
rc3 - run commands to start distributed file sharing
reboot - close filesystems, shut down the system, and reboot
reject - reject print requests
relax - change system security defaults
removef - remove a file from software database
removepkg - remove a software package
repquota - summarize quotas for a filesystem (generic)
repquota_ufs - summarize quotas for a ufs filesystem
repquota_vxfs - repquota_vxfs
resmgr - display and modify in-core Resource Manager Database
richtext - view a richtext document
rlockshm - shared memory control for file and record locking
rlpconf - configure remote line printers
rmail - handle remote mail received using uucp
rtcpio - restricted trusted import/export archiving
rtpm - real time performance monitor
runacct - run daily accounting
sac - service access controller
sacadm - service access controller administration
sadc, sa1, sa2 - system activity report package
sar - system activity reporter
sco_cpd - copy-protection daemon
sco_pmd - license policy manager daemon
scoadmin - invoke SCOadmin applications or configure SCOadmin hierarchy
scodb - alternative kernel debugger
scohelphttp - man and scohelp document server
sdi_timeout - query or change SDI device timeout tunables
sdiadd - hot add mass storage devices to a UnixWare system
sdiconfig - determine which SDI disk, tape, and SCSI controllers are present
sdighost - lists and/or removes device nodes associated with Ghost Names
sdimkdev - generate device nodes for Storage Device Interface (SDI) subsystem
sdimkdtab - update the device table entries for the SDI subsystem
sdimkosr5 - Convert a disk formatted for SCO OpenServer to UnixWare
sdipath - manage paths in multipath I/O
sdirm - remove existing mass-storage devices from the UnixWare configuration
sdistatic - save or compare current I/O subsystem configuration
secdefs - report settings of security defaults
sendmail, smtpd - an electronic mail transport agent
setclk - set system time from hardware clock
setmnt - establish mount table
setpriv - restore privileges to system commands
setuname - change sysname or hostname
sfsdiskusg - generate disk accounting data by user ID for sfs filesystems
share - make local resource available for mounting by remote systems
shareall, unshareall - share, unshare multiple resources
showexternal - display the body of a mail message included by reference
shownonascii - view mail message in a non-ASCII font
showpartial - display the body of a mail message included by reference
showpicture - view an image received in the mail
shserv - provide the shell service as part of the login process
shutdown - shut down system, change system state
smrsh - restricted shell for sendmail
strace - print STREAMS trace messages
strclean - STREAMS error logger cleanup program
strerr - STREAMS error logger daemon
sttydefs - maintain line settings and hunt sequences for TTY ports
su - become another user
sulogin - access single-user mode
suscfg - enable and disable UNIX95 conformance
swap - swap administrative interface
sync - update the super block
sysdef - output system definition
sysinfo - generate report on system configuration for diagnostic use
syslogd - log system messages
tcpdump - tcpdump
tfadmin - invoke a command, regulating privilege based on TFM database information
tic - terminfo compiler
ttyadm - format and output port monitor-specific information
ttymap - install and update /var/adm/ based on /dev and /etc/ttysrch
ttymon - port monitor for terminal ports
tunefs - tune up an existing filesystem
tunefs_sfs - tune up an existing filesystem
uadmin - administrative control
udisetup - install a UDI package
ufsdiskusg - generate disk accounting data by user ID for ufs filesystems
ufsdump - incremental filesystem dump
ufsrestore - incremental filesystem restore
umount - unmount filesystems and remote resources (generic)
umountall - unmount multiple filesystems
unlink - unlink files and directories
unshare - make local resource unavailable for mounting by remote systems
unshareall - unshare multiple resources
useradd - administer a new user login on the system
userdel - delete a user's login from the system
userls - list user and system login information
usermod - modify a user's login information on the system
visionfs - control File and Print Services for Windows clients through VisionFS
volcopy - make literal copy of filesystem (generic)
volcopy_s5 - make a literal copy of an s5 filesystem
volcopy_sfs - make a literal copy of a sfs filesystem
volcopy_ufs - make a literal copy of a ufs filesystem
volcopy_vxfs - volcopy_vxfs
vtgetty - set terminal type, modes, speed, and line discipline
vxassist - vxassist
vxbootsetup - vxbootsetup
vxconfigd - vxconfigd
vxconvert - vxconvert
vxdctl - vxdctl
vxdg - vxdg
vxdisk - vxdisk
vxdiskadd - vxdiskadd
vxdiskadm - vxdiskadm
vxdisksetup - vxdisksetup
vxdiskusg - generate disk accounting data by user ID for vxfs filesystems
vxdump - vxdump
vxedit - vxedit
vxencap - vxencap
vxevac - vxevac
vxinfo - vxinfo
vxintro - vxintro
vxiod - 
vxmake - 
vxmend - vxmend
vxmirror - vxmirror
vxnotify - vxnotify
vxplex - vxplex
vxprint - vxprint
vxreattach - vxreattach
vxrecover - vxrecover
vxrelocd - vxrelocd
vxresize - vxresize
vxrestore - vxrestore
vxrootmir - vxrootmir
vxsd - 
vxserial - vxserial
vxsparecheck - vxsparecheck
vxstat - 
vxtrace - vxtrace
vxtunefs - vxtunefs
vxunroot - vxunroot
vxupgrade - vxupgrade
vxvol - vxvol
wall - write to all users
wchrtbl - generate tables for ASCII and supplementary code sets
whodo - who is doing what
wtmpfix - correct utmp entries
zdump - time zone dumper
zic - time zone compiler