Manual section 1vtcl

Intro - introduction to SCO Visual Tcl
VtAddInput - add a callback on file activity (read, write, error)
VtAddTabGroup - append widget to parent object's list of tab groups
VtAddTimeOut - add a timeout callback
VtAddWorkProc - add a working procedure
VtBeep - ring the terminal bell
VtCheckBox - create a CheckBox widget and return widget name
VtClose - close connection to SCO Visual Tcl server and destroy current widgets
VtComboBox - create a ComboBox widget and return widget name
VtControl - bring server into and out of curses raw/cooked mode
VtDestroy - destroys a widget and all of its descendants
VtDestroyDialog - destroys the dialog in which a widget resides
VtDisplayHelp - display a hard-coded topic name for a widget
VtDrawnList - create a DrawnList object and return the widget name
VtDrawnListAddItem - add an item to a DrawnList
VtDrawnListDeleteItem - delete an item from a DrawnList
VtDrawnListDeselectItem - deselect an item from a DrawnList
VtDrawnListGetItem - get record(s) from a DrawnList
VtDrawnListGetSelectedItem - return the position of selected items from DrawnList
VtDrawnListSelectItem - select items in a DrawnList
VtDrawnListSetItem - replace contents of item in DrawnList
VtDrawnListSetItemValues - sets values of item in DrawnList given specified options
VtErrorDialog - create error message dialog, return widget name
VtFileSelectionDialog - create file selection dialog for current directory
VtForm - create a Form, return widget name
VtFormDialog - create form dialog using form class options
VtFrame - create frame around single child, return widget name
VtGet - return value of specified option for given widget
VtGetValues - synonym of VtGet
VtHide - hide but do not destroy object
VtHideDialog - hide but do not destroy dialog box
VtInfo - return information about SCO Visual Tcl
VtInformationDialog - create message dialog containing information icon, return widget name
VtLabel - create Label, return widget name
VtList - create List widget with or without ScrollBar, return widget name
VtListAddItem - add item(s) to List
VtListDeleteItem - delete item(s) from List
VtListDeselectItem - deselect item(s) from List
VtListGetItem - return item(s) from List
VtListGetSelectedItem - return positions of selected items in a List
VtListSelectItem - select item(s) in List
VtListSetItem - set a List item to a specified value
VtLock - set cursor to watch cursor, lock out user input
VtMainLoop - start interaction between script and GUI rendering engine
VtManage - synonym of VtShow
VtMenuBar - create menu bar, return widget name
VtMessageDialog - create message dialog, return widget name
VtOpen - establish connection to SCO Visual Tcl server
VtOptionMenu - create an OptionMenu widget, return widget name
VtPulldown - create Pulldown Menu, return widget name
VtPushButton - create PushButton, return widget name
VtQuestionDialog - create message dialog containing question icon, return widget name
VtQuitServer - kill all SCO Visual Tcl applications connected to server, then kill server
VtRadioBox - create RadioBox, return widget name
VtRaise - raise specified widget above all others
VtRaiseDialog - Synonym of VtRaise
VtRemoveAllTabGroups - remove all widgets from the give widget's tab group list
VtRemoveInput - remove add input command for fileID
VtRemoveTabGroup - remove widget from its parent's tab group list
VtRemoveTimeOut - remove timeout callback
VtRemoveWorkProc - remove working procedure
VtRowColumn - create a RowColumn widget
VtScale - create graphical Scale based on current value of field, return widget name
VtSelectionDialog - create selection dialog, return widget name
VtSeparator - create horizontal or vertical line, return widget name
VtSet - set value of a widget option
VtSetAppValues - set options for script (applet)
VtSetFocus - Sets focus on widget - see Note
VtSetSensitive - Sets sensitivity of widget - see Note
VtSetValues - Synonym of VtSet
VtShow - display a previously hidden object
VtShowDialog - display a previously hidden dialog
VtText - create Text widget, return widget name
VtToggleButton - create toggle button, return widget name
VtUnLock - unlock specified application
VtUnManage - Synonym of VtHide
VtWarningDialog - create message dialog containing warning icon, return widget name
VtWorkingDialog - create message dialog containing working icon, return widget name
VxAlignBaseLines - set top offset of source widget to line up with baseline of target widget
VxAlignedForm - create vertically aligned widget(s) in a form, return widget name
VxCenterVertically - set to offset of source widget to line up with center line of target widget
VxCheckBox - create a CheckBox allowing titles and labels, return widget name
VxComboBox - create a ComboBox allowing titles and labels, return widget name
VxEndFormCB - destroy parent form of widget calling this command
VxGetShortName - strip parent widgets off widget name, leaving short name
VxGetVar - get value of variable associated with widget
VxList - create a list allowing titles and labels, return widget name
VxMenu - build a menu, given a menu bar and list of items
VxMenuGetButton - return widget name in a menu created by VxMenu
VxOptionMenu - return option list that contains pushbuttons for specified options
VxOptionMenuGetSelected - return label of selected item in an option menu created by VxOptionMenu
VxOptionMenuReplaceOptions - dynamically change specified options in an option menu created by VxOptionMenu
VxOptionMenuSetSelected - set option menu's value to value referring to the label of the selected pushbutton
VxRadioBox - create a RadioBox widget allowing titles and labels, return widget name
VxRowColumn - create a VtRowColumn widget allowing titles and labels, return widget name
VxSetLeftOffsets - set left offset of right-aligned widgets
VxSetVar - set value of variable and associate with specified widget
VxSpinButton - create a SpinButton, return widget name of enclosing form widget
VxSpinButtonSetMaxValue - set upper boundary for a SpinButton
VxSpinButtonSetMinValue - set lower boundary for a SpinButton
VxText - create a VtText widget allowing titles and labels, return widget name
VxWidgetVarRef - return reference for per-widget frames variable