Manual section 3bsd

_longjmp - (BSD) non-local goto
_setjmp - (BSD) non-local goto
alloca - (BSD) memory allocator
dbm: dbminit, dbmclose, fetch, store, delete, firstkey, nextkey - BSD database subroutines
dbm_clearerr - BSD database subroutines
dbm_close - BSD database subroutines
dbm_delete - BSD database subroutines
dbm_error - BSD database subroutines
dbm_fetch - BSD database subroutines
dbm_firstkey - BSD database subroutines
dbm_nextkey - BSD database subroutines
dbm_open - BSD database subroutines
dbm_store - BSD database subroutines
dbmclose - BSD database subroutines
dbminit - BSD database subroutines
decimal_to_floating: decimal_to_single, decimal_to_double, decimal_to_extended - (BSD) convert decimal record to floating-point value
delete - BSD database subroutines
econvert, fconvert, gconvert, seconvert, sfconvert, sgconvert - (BSD) output conversion
fetch - BSD database subroutines
firstkey - BSD database subroutines
floating_to_decimal: single_to_decimal, double_to_decimal, extended_to_decimal - (BSD) convert floating-point value to decimal record
floatingpoint - (BSD) IEEE floating point definitions
fopen, freopen, fdopen - (BSD) open a stream
ftime - (BSD) get date and time
getdtablesize - (BSD) get descriptor table size
gethostid - get unique identifier of current host
gethostname - get name of current host
gethostname, sethostname - get/set name of current host
getpagesize - (BSD) get system page size
getpriority, setpriority - (BSD) get/set program scheduling priority
getrusage - (BSD) get information about resource utilization
gettimeofday, settimeofday - (BSD) get or set the date and time
getusershell, setusershell, endusershell - (BSD) get legal user shells
getwd - (BSD) get current working directory pathname
ieee_functions, fp_class, isnan, copysign, scalbn - (BSD) miscellaneous functions for IEEE arithmetic
ieee_handler - (BSD) IEEE exception trap handler function
initstate - (BSD) init state array
Intro - BSD system compatibility routines
intro - BSD system compatibility routines
killpg - (BSD) send signal to a process group
longjmp - (BSD) non-local goto
mctl - (BSD) memory management control
mkstemp - (BSD) make a unique file name
mp: madd, msub, mult, mdiv, mcmp, min, mout, pow, gcd, rpow, msqrt, sdiv, itom, xtom, mtox, mfree - (BSD) multiple precision integer arithmetic
ndbm: dbm_clearerr, dbm_close, dbm_delete, dbm_error, dbm_fetch, dbm_firstkey, dbm_nextkey, dbm_open, dbm_store - BSD database subroutines
nextkey - BSD database subroutines
nice - (BSD) change priority of a process
printf: sprintf, vsprintf - (BSD) formatted output conversion
psignal, sys_siglist - (BSD) system signal messages
rand, srand - (BSD) simple random number generator
random - (BSD) pseudo-random number generator
random, srandom, initstate, setstate - (BSD) pseudo-random number generator
re_comp - (BSD) regular expression handler
re_exec - (BSD) regular expression handler
reboot - reboot system or halt processor
regex: re_comp, re_exec - (BSD) regular expression handler
scandir, alphasort - (BSD) scan a directory
setbuffer, setlinebuf - (BSD) assign buffering to a stream
sethostname - set name of current host
setjmp, longjmp, _setjmp, _longjmp, sigsetjmp, siglongjmp - (BSD) non-local goto
setpriority - (BSD) set program scheduling priority
setstate - (BSD) switch state arrays
sigblock, sigmask - (BSD) block signals
sigfpe - (BSD) signal handling for specific SIGFPE codes
siginterrupt - (BSD) allow signals to interrupt system calls
siglongjmp - (BSD) non-local goto
signal - (BSD) simplified software signal facilities
sigpause - (BSD) automatically release blocked signals and wait for interrupt
sigsetjmp - (BSD) non-local goto
sigsetmask - (BSD) set current signal mask
sigstack - (BSD) set and/or get signal stack context
sigvec - (BSD) software signal facilities
sleep - (BSD) suspend execution for interval
srandom - (BSD) pseudo-random number generator
store - BSD database subroutines
strcasecmp - (BSD) string operations
string: strcasecmp, strncasecmp - (BSD) string operations
strncasecmp - (BSD) string operations
syscall - (BSD) indirect system call
times - (BSD) get process times
timezone - (BSD) get time zone name given offset from GMT
ualarm - (BSD) schedule signal after interval in microseconds
usleep - (BSD) suspend execution for interval in microseconds
utimes - (BSD) set file times
wait3 - (BSD) wait for process to terminate or stop
wait: wait3, WIFSTOPPED, WIFSIGNALED, WIFEXITED - (BSD) wait for process to terminate or stop
WIFEXITED - (BSD) wait for process to terminate or stop
WIFSIGNALED - (BSD) wait for process to terminate or stop
WIFSTOPPED - (BSD) wait for process to terminate or stop