Manual section D7isdn

Intro - Introduction to ISDN messages
ISDN_ALERT.ISDN_CONF - ISDN call compatibility confirmation
ISDN_ALERT.ISDN_REQ - ISDN call compatibility request
ISDN_CONNECT.ISDN_CONF - ISDN call set-up confirmation
ISDN_CONNECT.ISDN_IND - ISDN incoming call indication
ISDN_CONNECT.ISDN_REQ - ISDN outgoing physical connection request
ISDN_CONNECT.ISDN_RESP - ISDN incoming call response
ISDN_CONNECT_ACTIVE.ISDN_IND - ISDN B channel physical connection indication
ISDN_CONNECT_ACTIVE.ISDN_RESP - ISDN B channel physical connection response
ISDN_CONNECT_B3.ISDN_CONF - ISDN logical connection set-up confirmation
ISDN_CONNECT_B3.ISDN_IND - ISDN incoming logical connection indication
ISDN_CONNECT_B3.ISDN_REQ - ISDN logical connection set-up request
ISDN_CONNECT_B3.ISDN_RESP - ISDN response to incoming logical call
ISDN_CONNECT_B3_ACTIVE.ISDN_IND - ISDN B channel logical connection indication
ISDN_CONNECT_B3_ACTIVE.ISDN_RESP - ISDN B channel logical connection response
ISDN_CONNECT_B3_T90_ACTIVE.ISDN_IND - ISDN T.70 to T.90 switching indication
ISDN_CONNECT_B3_T90_ACTIVE.ISDN_RESP - ISDN T.70 to T.90 switching response
ISDN_DATA_B3.ISDN_CONF - ISDN outgoing data confirmation
ISDN_DATA_B3.ISDN_IND - ISDN incoming data indication
ISDN_DATA_B3.ISDN_REQ - ISDN outgoing data on logical connection request
ISDN_DATA_B3.ISDN_RESP - ISDN incoming data response
ISDN_DISCONNECT.ISDN_CONF - ISDN disconnect physical connection confirmation
ISDN_DISCONNECT.ISDN_IND - ISDN disconnect physical connection indication
ISDN_DISCONNECT.ISDN_REQ - ISDN disconnect physical connection request
ISDN_DISCONNECT.ISDN_RESP - ISDN disconnect physical connection response
ISDN_DISCONNECT_B3.ISDN_CONF - ISDN logical connection disconnect request
ISDN_DISCONNECT_B3.ISDN_IND - ISDN logical connection disconnect indication
ISDN_DISCONNECT_B3.ISDN_REQ - ISDN logical connection disconnect request
ISDN_DISCONNECT_B3.ISDN_RESP - ISDN disconnect logical connection response
ISDN_FACILITY.ISDN_CONF - ISDN optional facilities confirmation
ISDN_FACILITY.ISDN_IND - ISDN optional facilities indication
ISDN_FACILITY.ISDN_REQ - ISDN optional facilities request
ISDN_FACILITY.ISDN_RESP - ISDN optional facilities response
ISDN_INFO.ISDN_CONF - ISDN signalling information confirmation
ISDN_INFO.ISDN_IND - ISDN signalling information indication
ISDN_INFO.ISDN_REQ - ISDN signalling information request
ISDN_INFO.ISDN_RESP - ISDN signalling information response
ISDN_LISTEN.ISDN_CONF - ISDN activate incoming event signalling confirmation
ISDN_LISTEN.ISDN_REQ - ISDN activate incoming event signalling request
ISDN_MANUFACTURER - ISDN manufacturer-specific messages
ISDN_MANUFACTURER.ISDN_CONF - Manufacturer-specific operation confirmation
ISDN_MANUFACTURER.ISDN_IND - Manufacturer-specific operation indication
ISDN_MANUFACTURER.ISDN_REQ - Manufacturer-specific operation request
ISDN_MANUFACTURER.ISDN_RESP - Manufacturer-specific operation response
ISDN_RESET_B3.ISDN_CONF - ISDN reset logical connection confirmation
ISDN_RESET_B3.ISDN_IND - ISDN reset logical connection indication
ISDN_RESET_B3.ISDN_REQ - ISDN reset logical connection request
ISDN_RESET_B3.ISDN_RESP - ISDN reset logical connection response
ISDN_SELECT_B_PROTOCOL.ISDN_CONF - ISDN change protocol confirmation
ISDN_SELECT_B_PROTOCOL.ISDN_REQ - ISDN change protocol request