Testing and debugging SVR5 NFB drivers

Testing and debugging SVR5 NFB drivers

This section summarizes the recommending testing procedure for SVR5 NFB drivers and provides hints for analyzing and fixing problems. See ``Testing AIX 5L NFB drivers'' for information about testing and debugging NFB drivers on AIX 5L.

A similar test procedure is used for SCO OpenServer 5 NFB drivers. The NFB development tools on SVR5 are generally better than those for SCO OpenServer 5, so drivers should be developed for and tested on SVR5 and then ported to SCO OpenServer 5. With few exceptions, drivers that pass SVR5 tests will run without modification on SCO OpenServer 5 systems. Some information for testing drivers on SCO OpenServer 5 is included here and on the associated manual pages, but people wanting to test drivers on SCO OpenServer 5 should write to for additional instructions.

The primary difference noted when testing drivers on SCO OpenServer 5 is the naming conventions for the virtual terminals or pseudo-ttys: SVR5 calls these devices vt01, vt02, vt03, and so forth whereas SCO OpenServer 5 calls these devices tty01, tty02, tty03, and so forth. Both platforms use the same key sequence to switch between virtual (or pseudo) terminals: <Ctrl><Alt><F1> for vt01 or tty01, <Ctrl><Alt><F2> for vt02 or tty02, and <Ctrl><Alt><F3> for vt03 or tty03.

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