Developing NFB graphics adapter drivers

Introduction to NFB graphic adapter drivers
        X server
        NFB porting layer
        Test suites for NFB drivers
        NFB advantages

Writing NFB graphical adapter drivers
        Driver writing steps
        Install X Link Kit software
        Dynamic loading mechanism
        Set up the driver source tree and create a driver template
        Compile driver template
                Compiling and linking on SVR5 and SCO OpenServer 5
                Compiling and linking on AIX 5L
                Porting an NFB driver to AIX 5L
                Adding driver configuration parameters to the AIX 5L ODM database
        Implement the driver initialization
                Setting up the grafinfo file (SVR5 and SCO OpenServer 5)
                Setting up the NFB_GRAFINFO defines in ODM (AIX 5L)
                Initializing the hardware
                Switching between graphics and text modes
        Implement basic operations
                Write an image to the frame buffer (DrawImage)
                Read an image from the frame buffer (ReadImage)
                Modify the colormap (SetColor)
        Optimize performance
        Replace Window Private operations
        Replace GC operations
        Replace cursor operations

Testing and debugging SVR5 NFB drivers
        Recommended test procedure
                Setting up the test machine
                Video configuration testing
                Grafinfo file testing
                Color, font, window manager, and screen switch testing
                Desktop verification
                Unisoft Test Suite (UTS)
                Performance testing
        Working with dynamic and static servers
                Configuration with a dynamic server
                Static Server

Testing AIX 5L NFB drivers
        Recommended test procedure
                Set up the test machine
                Verify root background display
                Verify return to text mode
                Verify that simple clients display properly
                Verify that interactive clients operate properly with user input
                Run xbench
                Run x11perf
                Run color3 to verify color map display
                Run text2 to verify fonts
                Verify that X server works with desktop
                Verify all supported modes
                Verify all supported devices

Porting NFB drivers from SCO OpenServer 5 to SVR5

Porting SVR5 NFB drivers to AIX 5L

NFB driver coding guidelines

Packaging SVR5 X drivers for installation

Packaging AIX 5L NFB drivers for installation

Terminology for graphics driver writers
        Benchmarks, X
        BIOS daemon
        Bresenham objects
        Compiling graphics drivers
        CFB or cfb
        Cursor support
        Debugging graphics drivers
        Error handling in graphics drivers
        grafinfo files
        GC (graphical context)
        I/O ports, accessing from C
        MFB or mfb
        Porting graphics drivers
        Screen Private
        Terminal fonts
        X Server