Writing NFB graphical adapter drivers

Setting up the NFB_GRAFINFO defines in ODM (AIX 5L)

The NFB_GRAFINFO definitions in the ODM database establish the relationship between each defined operating mode of the video system (resolution, scan rate, and so forth) and the data items needed by your video driver to establish that mode.

To set up the NFB_GRAFINFO definitions:

  1. Create a grafinfo file that is populated with information about your device. If you have a working SVR5 NFB driver, you can use this file. Otherwise, you can use the ??? file as a template.

  2. Translate the grafinfo file into a GRAFINFO.add file by running the conversion script:


    Details about running this script are supplied in usage notes at the top of the script.

  3. Use the output of the conversion to replace the <xxx>GRAFINIFO.add file that xxkddx set up under the grafinfo directory in your driver's working directory.

  4. To add the NFB_GRAFINFO class to the ODM database, use the odmadd command:

    # ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos odmadd <xxx>GRAFINFO.add

  5. Use the odmget command to query the ODM database and verify that your object has been added:

    # ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos odmget -q"Model=<xxx>" NFB_GRAFINFO

  6. To delete this item, use the odmget command to verify that it is there, then use the odmdelete command to remove it:

    # ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos odmdelete -o NFB_GRAFINFO -q"Model=<xxx>"

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