Managing Hot Plugable controllers

Preparing to add or replace a controller

If the required device driver is not already installed on your system:

  1. Use pkgadd(1M) to add a device driver from the UnixWare 7 CD-ROM, from update media, or from a PTF. If the controller manufacturer provided a device driver, follow their instructions for adding it.

    NOTE: Spurious entries can occur after adding a device driver that supports both autoconfigurable (EISA/PCI) and non-autoconfigurable (ISA) controllers. Use the DCU to remove any unneeded entries. See ``Viewing or updating hardware device configuration''.

  2. Rebuild the device driver using
       idbuild -c -M driver name

  3. Load the device driver using
       modadmin -l driver name

For SCSI adapters, set the SCSI target ID and verify that termination is appropriate for your system.

When replacing a controller, it is important to minimize the amount of time the old controller is out of service before bringing up the new controller. You should first install and power on the new controller in an empty slot before removing the old controller. Then, suspend the driver instance for the old controller, move the cables, and resume or add a driver instance for the new controller. See ``Adding a controller''.

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