Administering BNU

Networking support files

There are three types of BNU support files:

Database files
BNU database files are located in /etc/uucp. They are responsible for much of the actual networking activity associated with the BNU software. In general, they determine which computers your computer will communicate with, the devices over which the communication will take place, and the protocols for communicating with remote computers.

The following list describes each of the database support files and its function briefly:

Contains a list of global run-time parameters within BNU. The administrator can set these parameters to configure the network manually. For more information see Config(4bnu).

This file contains information about STREAMS modules used to configure network connections on TCP/IP or some other network provider. For more information see Devconfig(4bnu).

Contains information about the devices that may be used to establish a link to a remote computer using BNU. For more information see Devices(4bnu).

Contains dial-code abbreviations that may be used in the ``phone'' field of the Systems and Dialers files. For more information see Dialcodes(4bnu).

Contains information about the initial conversation that must take place on a line. For more information see Dialers(4bnu).

Contains information about job grades, and the permissions associated with each job grade, that users may specify to queue jobs to a remote computer. For more information see Grades(4bnu).

Contains information about the maximum number of simultaneous uucicos, uuxqts, and uuscheds permitted on a machine. For more information see Limits(4bnu).

Contains information about the different levels of access granted to remote computers when they attempt to transfer files or execute remote commands on the local computer. For more information see Permissions(4bnu).

Contains information about computers that are to be polled by the local system and when they are polled. For more information see Poll(4bnu).

Assigns different or multiple files to be used as Systems, Devices, and Dialers files by various services (such as uucico and cu). For more information see Sysfiles(4bnu).

Contains information needed by the uucico daemon and the cu program to establish a link to a remote system such as the name of the remote system, the name of the connecting device associated with the remote system, when the system can be reached, a telephone number or network address, login ID, and password.

The Systems file is also used by the client machine to verify that the client is allowed to connect to the server and by the server machine to verify that the server may accept calls from the client. For more information see Systems(4bnu).

Administrative files
BNU administrative files are created in spool directories by network processes to hold temporary data or store information about remote transfers and command executions. They are described in detail in ``Administrative support files''.

Log files
BNU log files keep track of overall statistics for the computer network, particularly in the areas of security and accounting. The structure of each of the BNU log files is described in ``Log files''.

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