BNU setup procedures

Connections using the CS dialer: clients

Required steps

Set up hosts and services files. These files are needed to perform the authentication required by the server machine. See ``Administering name-to-address mapping'' for a description of how to administer the hosts and services files.

Optional or conditional steps

  1. Set up an /etc/iaf/serve.allow file that includes a line associating an authentication scheme with the uucico network service. The /etc/iaf/serve.allow file allows the administrator of the client machine to enforce the use of specific authentication schemes for specific services and machines. The following line from a sample /etc/iaf/serve.allow file associates the cr1 bilateral authentication scheme with the uucico network service.
       # machine   service   scheme

    elvis uucico cr1

    Without this entry, any authentication scheme specified by the server will be accepted. This may result in the transmission of sensitive data (passwords) across the network in clear text.

    See ``Administering the connection server'' for a description of the /etc/iaf/serve.allow file.

  2. Specify authentication for uux. If you want to use the new features of the uux command, specify the authentication you want performed by making the appropriate entries in the Config file. For example:
       ading Helveti
       AUTH=req KEYS=cr1
    For the current release, cr1 key management is the only key management mechanism available to BNU for use in authenticating remote execution requests.

    BNU uses the KEYS= and AUTH= values in the Config file or Permissions(4bnu) file. If uux can obtain a key for the user, it spools a request including all the necessary authentication information. If it cannot obtain a key and the value of AUTH is opt or no, it spools the request without authentication information. Otherwise, the request fails.

  3. Perform cr1 key administration. If you are using cr1 as your authentication scheme or for uux key management, you must perform cr1 key administration. See ``cr1 Bilateral Authentication Scheme''.

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