BNU troubleshooting

Using the connection server in debug mode

Outgoing calls are managed by the connection server cs(1Mbnu). Both cu(1bnu) and uucp(1bnu) use the connection server to dial.

Many everyday problems (such as the remote line being busy) can be debugged using the connection server in debug mode.

To activate cs in debug mode, enter the following at the command line as root:

ps -eaf | grep cs
kill -9 pid
/usr/sbin/cs -d

where pid is the process ID of the connection server. This will start a log in /var/adm/log/cs.debug.

One recommended debugging technique is as follows:

  1. Run cs -d in one terminal window to start the connection server in debug mode (the cs -d will run in the background).

  2. In the same terminal window, run tail -f /var/adm/log/cs.debug to view the connection server debug log.

  3. Run your cu or uucp request in a second terminal window.
This technique lets you see what is being sent (for example, atdt5551212) and what is being expected (for example, CONNECT), plus additional information, such as which line is being selected.

At some point you may want to turn cs debug mode off to save space. To do this, first kill the currently running cs process as shown above. Then restart cs by entering /usr/sbin/cs without the -d option. Alternatively, you could continue to run cs in debug mode and write a cron(1M) daemon that keeps the size of the /var/adm/log/cs.debug file reasonable.

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