BNU troubleshooting

Using expect/send strings to test the connection to a new remote system

Before using uucp for the first time with a new remote system, type:

cu system-name

where system-name is the system name or the new remote system. You should receive a connected message.

You can also test the connection to the new remote system by using the Dialup Systems Manager. In this case, the message connected only appears after a successful uucp login.

In addition to providing for the uucp login, the prompt/response chat script can be used to get you past various terminal controllers and modem switches, should you need to pass through such devices to reach a remote system.

You should usually perform this procedure manually (that is, by using cu), so you can see what prompts are sent from the computer or switch before it expects you to enter something.

Enter this as a prompt in the Systems(4bnu) file. Then enter what you would type to this prompt in the response field. Repeat this process for all prompts and responses you must enter.

In general, the uucp login and password prompts/responses shown above would occur only after you got through all terminal controllers or modem switches and so forth, and is usually the last thing in the chat script.

This script, as described in ``Testing outgoing cu and uucp functionality'' goes in the Systems file. Note that this is the second chat script. The one occurring after connected would occur on cu. The first chat is in the Dialers(4bnu) file. Under normal circumstances, you would only use the Systems file chat script.

However, at times you might put some of the complete chat into the Dialers file instead. This is because the syntax supported by the Dialers file is more robust than that allowed in the Systems file. For example, the Dialers file syntax allows such things as delays, insertion of system name, special characters, and so on.

An example of a script you might add to the Dialers file that would get you logged into a switch, then through the switch to a destination machine is shown below:

   intel14.4MP =,-, ""\M\dATS0=0\r\c OK\r ATDT\T\r\c CONNECT \r\c ID:--ID: use_id word: passwd login \r\c TION: sapphire
You'll need to write a chat script for all the systems you want to talk with via uucp. It may take some experimentation to develop the correct prompt/response sequence for some systems. The recommended procedures for getting your chat script right are observing the prompt/response sequence when logging in manually using cu and looking at the connection server log (described in ``Using the connection server in debug mode'') for some help once you develop a chat script and you are starting to test it.
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