The Hardware online documentation explains how to add and configure various hardware components on your system.

NOTE: For information about developing hardware device drivers see Hardware and Driver Development

  • Hardware configuration overview

    This topic presents general hardware configuration information including: new and updated device support, supported architecture, general compatibility issues, using configuration interfaces, rebuilding your system, and troubleshooting hardware problems.

  • Mass storage devices overview

    This topic provides an overview of the Storage Device Interface (SDI) and information about various commands and procedures that are available for managing mass storage devices and media.

  • Using the Device Configuration Utility (DCU)

    This topic describes how to use the Device Configuration Utility (DCU) to view or update hardware device configuration, or view or activate software device drivers.

  • Adding ISDN devices

    This topic provides general information about ISDN, and describes adding, configuring and removing ISDN devices. Troubleshooting tips are also given.

  • Adding hard disks

    This topic describes how to use the diskadd command to add additional hard disks to your system. An example is provided.

  • Adding and configuring modems

    This topic describes how to install, configure and test modems. Troubleshooting information is also provided.

  • Adding or removing hardware controllers

    This topic describes how to add or remove hardware controllers or adapters on your system.

  • Adding tape drives

    This topic describes how to add a tape drive to your system.

  • Configuring LAN connections

    This topic describes the Network Configuration Manager interface, configuration parameters (hardware, driver and protocol), configuring network hardware, and removing a network configuration. Troubleshooting information is also provided.

  • Configuring WAN connections

    This topic describes using the WAN view of the Network Configuration Manager to configure WAN hardware, WAN software and call services.

  • Configuring Plug and Play devices

    This topic describes use of the PnP Configuration Manager to configure devices that conform to the Plug and Play ISA Version 1.0A.

  • Configuring audio adapters

    This topic describes using the Audio Configuration Manager, provides general information about the audio subsystem, describes adding or removing audio adapters, and discusses common tasks associated with the audio subsystem. Troubleshooting information is also provided.

  • Configuring serial ports

    This topic describes use of the Serial Manager to configure serial ports.

  • Configuring video adapters

    This topic describes using the Video Configuration Manager, adding and testing a video adapter, changing the monitor or resolution, removing a video configuration, and configuring unsupported adapters.

  • Hot adding or removing SCSI storage devices

    This topic describes how to add or remove a SCSI storage device from a ``hot'' (running) system.

  • Managing Hot Plugable controllers

    This topic describes how to use the Hot-plug Manager to add, remove or replace a PCI-based controller on a ``hot'' (running) system. This information only applies for machines that support the hot-plug feature (machines that have a built-in hot-plug controller, and provide the ability to turn power on or off to selected slots).

  • Mouse administration

    This topic discusses using the mouseadmin command to add, remove, change the configuration of, or test a mouse or similar pointing device.

  • Working with diskettes

    This topic discusses diskette drive device names, and provides information about working with diskettes including: duplicating, formatting, displaying information, and copying files.

  • Accessing the SCO Compatible Hardware Web Pages

    This topic provides information about accessing the SCO Compatible Hardware Web Pages (CHWP). The CHWP include listings of devices supported on SCO platforms, notices of new and updated drivers for supported devices, and technical information concerning driver installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

  • Configuration parameters

    This topic provides values for configuration parameters for: General configuration parameters used by many types of devices, Network ``custom'' parameters used by some network adapters, and Token-Ring network ``custom'' parameters used by some Token-Ring network adapters. UNRESOLVED XREF-0

    This topic provides configuration notes for a variety of network adapters.

The Section 7 manual pages contain additional information about hardware device drivers and driver interfaces.
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