Software Development manual pages

Manual pages describe commands, system calls, file formats, drivers, and other components of the UnixWare 7 system.

This topic lists the manual page sections relevant to software development on UnixWare 7. For a complete list of all the available online manual pages, see UnixWare 7 manual pages.

This topic describes the UnixWare 7 manual page section naming system and how to access manual pages from SCOhelp and the command line.

Manual page section names

UnixWare 7 manual pages have a main section name, an optional prefix, and an optional suffix. The main names are:

Unrestricted commands, which can be run by any user.

Administrative commands, whose options may be fully or partially restricted to the root or owner accounts.

System calls.

Library routines.

System files.


Device drivers and driver interfaces.

Prefixes are X (for X windows system commands) and D (for driver development commands). For example, section X1M contains X windows administrative commands, and section D3 contains kernel utility functions.

A variety of suffixes subdivide the sections further, to allow for logical groupings of manual pages by technology and to enable easy scanning. Examples include section 1nfs (Unrestricted NFS commands) and 3M (Library math routines).

Accessing manual pages

You can access manual pages in these ways:

From the top level of SCOhelp:

  1. Click on Manual Pages in the left frame.

  2. Click on the desired manual page section in the left frame.

  3. Click on the manual page you want to view.

From any location in SCOhelp:

  1. Click on the Manual Pages button at the bottom of the window.

  2. Enter the name and, optionally, the section of the manual page you want to view, then press the Search button.

    • If the search finds only one match to your criteria, the manual page appears in the right frame.

    • If the search finds more than one manual page that matches your criteria, click on the one you want from the list that appears in the right frame.

From the command line:


   man name [section]

For example:

   man aliases 4

For more information, see man(1).

Other access methods:

You can also access manual pages:

  • As a hotlink from a SCOhelp topic or navigation frame.

  • From the search results list that appears after you use the Search button to query the documentation set.

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