Command Line (Shells)

To interact directly with the UNIX operating system, you work from the command line in a terminal window. Commands and programs run in an environment defined by the current shell.

The following topics provide an overview of the operating system and tell you about working with the command line and using shells:

  • An overview of the system

    Provides a high-level overview the UNIX operating system and how it works.

  • Basic concepts

    Describes the different ways you might use the system. Introduces the concepts of desktops, networks, and the command line.

  • Introduction to using the system

    Shows you how to perform basic system tasks, including logging in, using the desktop, getting help, reading and sending mail, running programs, and using the calendar.

  • Editing files

    Describes using the visual editor, vi(1), to edit your files. Includes a quick tour of common commands and a command summary.

  • Creating and using shell scripts

    Explains how to use shell programs that make use of commands including sed(1) and awk(1) to automate common tasks.

  • Customizing your environment

    Shows how to modify your login and shell environments by customizing shell files.

  • Process control and scheduling

    Describes how to use the SCOadmin Process Manager and Task Scheduler to view, modify, and delete processes and tasks from your system.

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