Advanced printer configuration

Mounting a form

Before the print service starts printing files that need a preprinted form, you have to mount it on a printer. If alerting has been set on the form, you will be alerted when enough print requests are queued waiting for it to be mounted (see ``Alerting to mount forms and font cartridges'' for information on alerting). Mounting a form involves first loading it onto the printer and then telling the print service that it is mounted. It is sound practice to disable the printer first.

Until you've mounted a form on a printer, only print requests that don't require the form will be sent to it.

Use the following procedure to inform print service that the form is mounted:

  1. Disable the printer.

  2. Load the new form onto the printer.

  3. Execute the following command to mount a form:

    /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p printer-name -M -f form-name -a -o filebreak

  4. Reenable the printer.
If an alignment pattern has been registered with the form, you can ask that this be repeatedly printed after you've mounted the form, until you have adjusted the printer so that the alignment pattern looks correct.

The -o filebreak option tells the print service to add a "form feed" after each copy of the alignment pattern, if there is one. You will be asked to press the return key before each copy of the alignment pattern is printed.

The actual control sequence used for the "form feed" depends on the printer involved and is obtained from the terminfo database. If the alignment pattern already includes a form feed, leave out the -o filebreak option.

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