Advanced printer configuration

Advanced printer configuration
        Understanding the print service
                Overview of print request processing
                About the print request log
                Print service command line summary
        Customizing printer configuration
                Setting default printer page size and spacing
                Configuring banners
                Administering the /etc/lp/Systems file
                Printer models file
                Printer interface scripts
                        Creating printer interface scripts
                        Setting up printer interface scripts
                Using the terminfo database
                        Adding a printer entry to the terminfo database
                Creating a printer form
                Adding a form to the print service
                Removing a form
                Restricting user access to forms
                        Defining the forms access list
                Mounting a form
                Unmounting a form
                Examining a form
                Printer filters
        Providing filters
                A word of caution
                What is a filter?
                        Task 1: converting files
                        Task 2: handling special modes
                        Task 3: detecting printer faults
                        What programs make a good filter
                Defining a filter
                        Defining options with templates
                Adding a filter to the print service
                Removing a filter
                Examining a filter
                Restoring factory defaults
                Printer types
                Content types
                        Common types
                        Default content type
        PostScript printers
                Using a PostScript printer
                Supporting non-PostScript print requests
                Additional PostScript capabilities provided by filters
                Supporting PostScript printer
                        Installing and maintaining PostScript printers
                        Installing and maintaining PostScript filters
                        Installing and maintaining PostScript fonts
                        Obtaining a list of printer-Resident fonts
                        Adding printer-Resident fonts to a printer's font list
                        Installing and maintaining host-Resident fonts
                        Downloading host-resident fonts
                Font cartridges and character sets
                        Specifying character sets
                        Specifying font cartridges to use with a printer
                Setting up printer fault alerts
                Specifying a printer fault recovery mechanism
                Alerting to mount forms and font cartridges
                Setting printer port characteristics
                        Default port characteristics
                Setting up a printer with multiple names
        Setting up print jobs to simultaneously cross-reference over the network

Configuring Hewlett-Packard network printers
        Setting up a BOOTP server
        Configuring hosts to use an HP network printer
                Configuring HP network printers as local printers