Configuring Hewlett-Packard network printers

Setting up a BOOTP server

The BOOTP server must be on the same subnet as the printer, and no other host should be used to configure BOOTP for the printer.

Prior to installing the first network printer and running the hpnpcfg configuration utility for the first time, the installation script /usr/lib/hpnp/hpnpinstall must be run. This amends the files /etc/inetd.conf (see inetd.conf(4tcp)) and /etc/services (see services(4tcp)) to add support for the BOOTP protocol.

Follow these steps:

  1. Run /usr/lib/hpnp/hpnpinstall. This brings up the ``HP Network Printer Configuration'' interface.

  2. Enter i to install network printing.

    If installation has already been performed, the following error message is displayed:

    Error: ./hpnpinstall: Network Printing already installed

  3. Once the hpnpinstall script has completed, run hpnpcfg(1M).

  4. Enter 2 at the main menu prompt to configure BOOTP/TFTP. You are prompted for the following information:

    NOTE: Do not use option 3, ``Verify BOOTP/TFTP configuration'', as this is not supported by UnixWare.

  5. Enter 6 to add the printer to the spooler.

  6. Enter the printer name.

  7. Enter the printer network name.

  8. Enter the printer type.

    This is the printer type as registered in the terminfo database (for details, refer to the -T option of lpadmin(1M)). Common types are ``PS'' for PostScript printers and ``hplaser'' for Hewlett-Packard PCL printers.

  9. Enter the printer context type.

    This is the type of data accepted by the printer after filtering (for details, refer to the -I option of lpadmin(1M)). Supported types are simple, PCL and PS.

  10. Optionally, enter the printer spooler class.

  11. Enter y to set the printer to be the default device.

  12. Press <Enter> to continue. The following message is displayed:
    A log of the system changes made during this configuration
    session was appended to /tmp/hpnpcfg.log
    The printer should be accessible immediately.

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