Developing for DMI-enabled systems

Enabling manageable products for DMI

Follow these steps to enable a product for DMI.

To get started, you need:

To create a product that can be defined as a component and communicate with the Service Provider as defined by the DMI Specification:

  1. Read this documentation and the DMI Specification to understand how a component interfaces with the Service Provider and what functions must be supported.

  2. Define what is manageable about your product and what specific features you want to showcase. Refer to existing standards to find MIF groups that may apply to your product. Sample MIFs are available from the DMTF on the World Wide Web. For more information about how to model the component and make good design decisions when writing a MIF file, see ``Modeling products with MIF files''.

  3. Write instrumentation code for your component. For more information, see ``DMI 2.0 code samples''.

  4. Modify your component install and uninstall programs so they properly install and uninstall your component's MIF file into the existing MIF database. See ``Installing your component'' and ``Uninstalling your component'' for more information about these requirements. For more details about the libraries that provide these installation procedures, see Intro(3dmi). Examples of installing a component's MIF file into the MIF database are included with the package and described in ``DMI 2.0 code samples''.

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