Desktop Management Interface programming

DMI 2.0 Installation and release notes
        Installing the DMI package
        Starting the DMI Service Provider
        Stopping the DMI Service Provider
        Removing the DMI package
        Code samples
        DMI development tools
                The DMI database
                        Installing new MIF files into the MIF database
                Known problems and limitations
                        Adding and deleting components
                        Shared memory segments
        Non-SCO web pages
                DMTF's DMI support
                Intel' s web page

Introduction to the desktop management interface
        The DMI 2.0 structure
        Managing DMI information
                The role of the DMI Service Provider
                        Events and indications
                The role of management applications
                The component MIF data store
                        Manageable products as component MIFs
                        Component instrumentation
                Remoteable DMI service users
        The DMI 2.0 implementation in UnixWare 7

Developing for DMI-enabled systems
        Enabling management applications for DMI
        Enabling manageable products for DMI
                Instrumentation code
                        Component Providers
                        Event Generators and Indication Consumers
                        Instrumentation development
                Installing your component
                Uninstalling your component
        Other resources for developers

Modeling products with MIF files
        Modeling a product for management
                Setting out the products attributes
                Defining groups to classify attributes
                Basics of good MIF modeling
                Questions to answer during the modeling phase
        MIF file writing tips

DMI 2.0 code samples
        Contents of the DMI 2.0 samples directory
                Component instrumentation (CI) samples
                Management application (MA) samples
        Registering and managing components
        Creating and managing attribute tables
        Generating and consuming indications
        Registering and filtering indications
        Subscription Timeouts
        Rebuilding samples

Implementation specific details
        Implementation architecture
                Implementation details
                        Component provider implementation details
                        Event generator implementation details
                        Indication consumer implementation details
        Component pre-installation
                Component installation errors

DMI package procedure libraries
        Interfaces to DMI-SPs
        Procedure libraries
        Procedural interface for MI functions
                Remote registration functions
                Indication server functions
                        DmiIndicationFuncs structure
        Memory management architecture
                Memory pool management
                Memory management descriptor
                Memory management descriptor operations
                Default memory management model
        Argument passing
        Helper functions
                RPC information functions
                Creating DMI structures
                Deleting DMI structures
                Copying DMI structures
                Duplicating DMI structures
        RPC specific information
                RPC types
                ONC RPC
                Local DMI RPC
        Client front-end programming examples
                Management applications
                Indication consumer
                Client front-end error codes

The DMI to SNMP mapper for UnixWare 7.
        MIF to MIB conversion
        Installing and operating the mapper
                        Starting the mapper
                Configuring the mapper
                        Forcing SNMP to accept traps from enterprise OIDs other than 412.
                        Allowing write access via SNMP
                Removing the mapper
        Usage notes
                Discovering which OID has been assigned to DMI events
        Known limitations

Glossary of terms

DMI error codes
        Service provider error code set
        Component installation error codes
        Client front-end error codes

Sample MIB